In order for your character to be able to gain entry into San Bakar’s Trial in the Hogwarts Legacy game you’ll need to first head to a far shore and then you’ll get to battle the largest beast that you have ever encountered in the game up until this point, the Graphorn. Your goal, with this beast, will be to tame it but in order to succeed with this you will first need to defeat it. 

The Lord of the Shore Graphorn

This article will work as a guide which you will be able to refer back to when you need a breakdown of how to defeat the Lord of the Shore Graphorn, during the San Bakar’s Trial, if you do experience any sort of trouble. 


Time to CompleteRequired
+-5 minSan Bakar’s Trial

How to Defeat the Lord of the Shore and unlock it as a mount

How to Defeat the Lord of the Shore

Once you’ve finally entered the Lord of the Shore lair, you’ll be able to use everything that you’ve got, including your variety of spells, Ancient Magic as well as Ancient Magic Throws, to try and take down this huge beast. One thing that you will have to remember is that when you are battling against the Graphorn you will need to be fast and on your toes, ready to dodge at a moment’s notice, because its attacks are extremely quick. With this encounter you will definitely be making the most out of the game’s lock-on feature as the battle will be so much easier for you without you having to readjust your camera all the time to target the Graphorn. This feature will also help you be aware of the Graphorns movements at all times so that you are able to know when the Graphorn is about to charge and leap at you. 

When you manage to get the Graphorn down to 50% health you will enter phase 2 of the battle and see that the Graphorn will become supercharged and result in the beast becoming even more aggressive. This means that your character will have to be extra careful because the blows that this beast will now be dealing will be even heavier and come at an even faster rate. The beast will also start to pursue you a lot more intensely, which means that you won’t get as many breaks or moments to breathe as you would have in the first phase of this battle. However, the strategy that you should try and use in this second phase of the battle shouldn’t change from what you were doing in the first phase, all that you’ll have to change is make sure that you will be dodging faster and still trying to get in as many spell hits as you can, without risking your life too much.


Then when you’ve finally managed to get him down to his last hit points, you’ll get a quick cut scene, where the Graphorn will start to charge at you. Here you will be offered to pick one of two choices, to Kneel or Attack. Then if you want to befriend the Graphorn you will need to choose “Kneel”, which will make your character bow before the Graphorm and cause it to stop in its tracks. By doing this the Graphorn will allow you to ride it and as a result, become its ally as well as a mount option for the rest of the game. 

Final Words

So, there you have the complete guide as to how you can defeat the great Graphorn and unlock it as a mount in the Hogwarts Legacy game. This is definitely a mount in the game that will impress a lot of your fellow classmates and citizens within the Wizarding World.

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