Even though the armoured mountain troll is technically a regular enemy variant that you will meet within the Hogwarts Legacy game, it is the first enemy that you’ll encounter in a unique mission scenario, which means that his specific encounter could constitute a boss fight. 

This article will basically work as a guide to help give you a complete breakdown as to how to defeat the Armored Mountain troll, which you’ll encounter while trying to complete the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest in the Hogwarts Legacy game. 


Time to CompleteRequired
+-3 minWelcome to Hogsmeade quest

How to take down the Armored Mountain Troll

Once you’ve finished exploring Hogsmeade and purchasing some of your new equipment from the different shops here you’ll need to go and meet Natsai/Sebastian, who is located in the town circle. However, as you’re trying to do so a pair of Armored Mountain Trolls interrupt you and start attacking the village. While the village citizens are going one way, to deal with one of the Armoured Mountain Trolls, you and your friend are left behind to try and deal with the other one. 

the Armored Mountain Troll

The Mountain Troll will try and scare you at the beginning of the fight as it tries to charge against you, but all you will have to do to contour this is use a simple dodge move. Then once you are in the fight against this troll and try to deal damage to it, you will realise very fast that your Basic Cast spell will be doing very minimal damage to the troll and will take ages to take down the troll if you continue fighting this way. This is the quest where you will actually learn how to use the Ancient Magic Throw, which will basically allow your Hogwarts Legacy character to lift small objects that are in your close environment and propel them against your enemy automatically.

the key to defeating the Armoured Mountain Troll

The Ancient Magic Throw will be the key to defeating the Armoured Mountain Troll in the most effective way, you should also try and remember to make sure that your character is making the most out of the time when the troll is dazed, after it has slammed into a wall once it has charged at you. You will know that the troll is in this dazed state when it is down on one knee, and this is when the troll will be taking even more damage from you until it gets back up, so use this time to your advantage. 

Then, further into your fight, when the troll’s health bar is getting closer to depleting you will learn how to use the Ancient Magic Finisher. When you manage to successfully hit all of the buttons that the game is prompting you for then you’ll release an intense magical beam directly at the toll and as a result, completely destroying it. 

Final Words

So there you have it, the full guide as to defeating the Armored Mountain Troll. Remember that these huge beasts may seem very scary in the Hogwarts Legacy game at first but if you keep your cool and remember to make use of all of your spells and combos then anything can be defeated.

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