Who exactly is Ranrok? Well, Ranrok is the leader of the Goblin Rebellion, that you’ll be trying to stop. Ranrok is a character whose goal is to possess powerful dark magic, when you do finally get to confront him in battle, in the caverns of the final repository, you will see him take on a monstrous form. Which may seem scary at first but just remember to stay true to your skills and spells and you will come out on top. 

Defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

This article will work as a guide for you as it will provide you with an easy to follow breakdown on how you can defeat Ranrok, while playing the Final Repository quest, in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Defeat Ranrok


Time to CompleteRequired
+-20 minThe Final Repository quest

As you begin your battle with Ranrok, you will see that he is using the power of the repository to be able to take on the form of a shadowy dragon. While he is in this form you will notice that he is actually not affected anymore by your regular spell attacks and you’ll instead need to shift your attention to the floating magical balls that will appear. When you spot one of these floating balls you will first need to identify what colour it is and then strike it with a spell of the same colour. 

How to Defeat Ranrok

Once you’re able to destroy one of these floating balls you’ll get a brief period of time where Ranrok will become vulnerable to your attacks. Then you also need to be on your toes and have a quick reaction time when it comes to Ranrok’s attacks because they are extremely fast and you’ll have a pretty tough time deciding on whether or not you will be able to Protego the incoming shot or if you’ll need to dodge it. 

Once you’ve done this for a while and finally managed to deplete the first segment of Ranrok’s health, he’ll then go and destroy a big wall, which will allow you to head on over to the next stage of this epic battle. Once you see this happen you’ll need to sprint all the way down this path onto the second battle stage, where you’ll have to use the same technique of hitting the coloured orbs to make Ranrok vulnerable to your attacks again. However, there is a catch with this second stage and that is that you will need to hit two orbs, before you are able to damage Ranrok himself, this time.

two floating orbs

After doing the same thing, except to two floating orbs this time, and depleting the second phase of Ranrok’s health, your character will then be allowed to slide down to the very bottom of the cavern that you’ve been battling in. Once you do this you’ll find yourself in a large circular arena and you’ll notice that Ranrok now has 1 large health bar left, but it will still be divided into two different phases.

In the first phase that you’ll have to survive through, you’ll be doing the exact same thing as what you have been doing already, except this time with three orbs instead of one or two. Then after you’ve successfully been able to deplete his health enough to get into the second phase of his health bar you’ll experience Ranrok landing down onto the battle ground, still in his dragon form. Here is where the battle will become the most challenging because once he does this he will now not only be able to spit fireballs at you but he’ll also be able to charge and swipe.

This last part of the battle will be where your Edurus Potions will become the most useful if you happen to be hit by any of these attacks, which you will more than likely do as you will now have to hit four different orbs before you are even allowed to start attacking Ranrok. 

final phase

The one little advantage that you get during this final phase is that you will only have to hit the four orbs once to make Ranrok vulnerable during this battle from that point until you have managed to defeat him completely. 

After managing to completely deplete Ranrok’s health bar you’ll see him in the centre of the arena where you will have to hit another 3 orbs, for the last time. You will have to remember to be quick with hitting these orbs because they dissipate very quickly and if you don’t manage to do all three of them in time then they’ll move to another location in the area and you’ll have to do this over and over again until you succeed. After successfully hitting all three of these orbs you’ll be happy to know that Ranrok will be defeated.

Final Words

This will definitely be one of your most challenging if not the challenging battles you will experience in the whole of the Hogwarts Legacy game, but although it will be challenging you will have a lot of fun with the epic scenes you will play through. Ranrok will definitely intimidate you with his epic dragon form and fireballs he’ll be spitting at you but it is important to keep your cool and stay focused on your tasks of hitting the orbs, and by doing so you’ll emerge victorious. 

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