Even though this game may seem like a basic, yet thrilling, role-playing game, set in a school of wizardry, levelling up and gaining experience for your character isn’t as straightforward as you might have expected it to be.

levelling up in Hogwarts Legacy

As you embark on your Hogwarts adventure you may not realise exactly what is needed for you to gain experience but this article is made as a guide, to help you figure out exactly how the levelling in this game works, the max level that you are even able to reach as well as the best and fastest way to level up. 

What is the maximum level that you can reach in Hogwarts: Legacy

As you first load into the game you will start at level one and then as you progress through the game, by doing certain tasks such as Quests, Side Quests, Challenges and collecting Field Guide Pages, you’ll start to earn experience. The maximum level that you will be able to achieve in Hogwarts Legacy is level 40. 

What is the point of levelling up in Hogwarts: Legacy

bonuses you will gain from levelling up

When you play the Hogwarts Game you may not notice at first how levelling up may be helping your character as you are just a 5th year student at a school for witchcraft and wizardry. 

For those that don’t know, these are the bonuses you will gain from levelling up:

  • You will be able to get the Maximum Health Gain, the amount gained each level will be more as your level gets higher. 
  • You’ll receive Talent Points, the Talent Tree is the one that gives you talents points and you’ll only unlock this after completing the main quest, Jackdaw’s Rest, but don’t fear because all of the talent points that you should’ve gotten from previously gained levels will be retroactively added. 
  • You’ll be able to equip gear that are higher levelled.
  • You’ll unlock additional side quests and activities.

So, after you’ve read through all of the bonuses that you’ll get from levelling up your character you’ll quickly realise that you will have to level up if you want to become the most powerful character in Hogwarts Legacy. However, you won’t have to stress about levelling up too much for the main quests as those normally have recommended levels that are relatively low enough for you to be okay, plus you’ll still be able to gain the spells from these quests regardless of your level. 

Gaining Experience with The Field Guide Book

The Field Guide Book

If Hogwarts Legacy was like other RPG games you’d be able to just run around in the game and earn experience points for defeating monsters and dark wizards, but sadly it doesn’t work like that. Defeating these monsters and dark wizards won’t actually give you the experience that you’d be looking for most of the time to grow your power. This is made relevant in the Prologue of the game because here, even though you’ll get into some intense fights, you won’t level up at all. 

The only time you’ll finally be able to level up will be after you’ve been sorted into a Hogwarts House and you’ve finally gotten a quick tour, by Professor Weasley, where you’ll find out about the conduit of your learning experience, the Field Guide Book. This is where you’ll also get a quick tool-tip, that many players tend to overlook, that literally tells you exactly how to gain experience in this game. This tip says: “Experience is gained by completing Field Guide Book Challenges”, and this is a very important piece of information to take in and realise that quite literally the only way to gain experience in this game is by completing these challenges. Many people forget about this because as you are completing all of the big activities, during your main quest lines as well as collectible hunting, you’ll be completing Field Guide Book Challenges automatically, but only to a certain point till these challenges get a bit more challenging. 

So basically what it means is that as you are defeating certain enemies, collecting collectibles or completing quests that are correlated to any challenges in your Field Guide Book, then you’ll basically get experience from each of these enemies you’re defeating or items you’re collecting for your challenge.  



It is also important to remember to check how much of the challenge you’ve completed because once you’ve completed it, you won’t get any more experience from continuing what you’re doing, whether that be defeating enemies or finding collectibles. An example of this is that there may be 150 Field Guide Pages just located in the Hogwarts Castle but you will only get experience from collecting these pages for the challenge tiers which will add up to only 100 pages. Then if you continue to collect pages after the 100th you won’t get any experience from it, so instead you could turn your focus to collecting other Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade or the The Highlands locations. 

This is a rule put in order to stop you from just grinding on just one type of experience gain, this will mean that you will have to diversify the activities that you’ll be doing to include all of the available options, which appear thought the Hogwarts Legacy story, in order to level up as high and fast as you’d want. 

All of the Experience Gaining Challenges

All of the Experience Gaining Challenges

For those who are wondering what all of the different experience gaining challenges are in this game, the comprehensive list below will help you find out. You have to remember that if you are new to the game you will have to be patient because a lot of these challenges will only be available to you after you’ve progressed further within the game. 

Combat ChallengesExploration ChallengesRoom of Requirement ChallengesField Guide Page ChallengesQuest Challenges
Defeat Dark WizardsCollect Ancient Magic TracesBreed Unique BeastsCollect Field Guide Pages in HogsmeadeComplete Teacher Assignments
Defeat DugbogsPop BalloonsRescue BeastsCollect Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts Complete Main Quests
Defeat GoblinsLocate Landing PlatformsUpgrade Your GearCollect Field Guide Pages in The Highlands Complete Side Quests or Relationship Quests
Defeat InferiComplete Merlin Trials
Defeat Infamous FoesFind Astronomy Tables
Defeat SpidersSolve Hogwarts Secrets
Defeat Trolls
Defeat Mongrels

Final Words

So, there you have the extensive guide on how to gain experience as well as all the different experience gaining challenges for you to go complete. This should be able to keep you busy for a while, so go out there and start grinding some Hogwarts Legacy!

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