Diablo IV places great emphasis on customization. Players are given unprecedented control over their character’s appearance, skills, gear, and mount, allowing for a truly unique gameplay experience.

Diablo 4

The process of crafting your ideal adventurer begins at the Class selection screen and carries through to the Endgame. It’s entirely up to the player to determine how their character will progress and adapt as they pursue Lilith.

In the latest video in the series, Your Class Your Way, delves into how player choice is integrated into character creation, builds, gear, and even the non-linear story of Diablo IV. The game will present players with a variety of decisions, ranging from cosmetic options, to which skills to utilize in combat, and how to best utilize the gear they find.

Diablo IV | Inside the Game: Your Class Your Way

Remember that you can play Diablo IV from May 12–14 during Server Slam. Diablo IV is released June 6th.

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