Blizzard released a short clip this week showing what players will be able to do after completing the campaign in Diablo IV. In this so-called endgame, players will be challenged to explore the game world so they can develop their characters into the ultimate demon slayers.

Diablo IV

Via a clip, which you can see below, Blizzard presented some of the new features that will be available in Diablo IV, such as unlockable world levels, a Paragon upgrade system, Nightmare Dungeons, and PvP.

Diablo IV | Into the Endgame

World levels make everything in the game world simply harder, but it also gives better loot. The Paragon system is supposed to give players the ability to customize their character even more so that it becomes exactly what they want. Nightmare Dungeons are more or less the game’s dungeons but much harder and with different challenges. In PvP mode, players will fight against other players and earn something called shards. When you get these, you must clear them of evil before you can take them back to town, and anyone can attack you to steal them until you have turned them in, which adds a little extra excitement to everyday life.

Diablo IV will be released on June 6 for PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox.

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