Players in Dead By Daylight encounter a multitude of Perks, each carrying its own advantages and disadvantages. As the game frequently introduces fresh characters and abilities, the hierarchy of top-tier Perks evolves with time.

Dead by Daylight: The 10 Best Survivor Perks

The landscape of Dead By Daylight’s Perk system continually shifts, influenced by the introduction of new scenarios, Survivors, and Killers into the plot. With a substantial pool of 131 Survivor Perks available, sifting through and pinpointing the most effective ones poses a big challenge for newcomers and even those who have played the game for a while already. Nonetheless, certain Perks shine brighter than others in the current iteration of the game.

Top 10 Survivor Perks

10. Dramaturgy


With the addition of the Nicolas Cage DLC in the Dead by Daylight game, we receive a new Unique Survivor Perk, which plays into the eta and also adds a touch of unpredictability to your gaming experience. With this perk, you’ll be able to run 0.5 seconds before you gain a 25% Haste Status Effect with another effect as well. 

The final effect that you’ll get is completely random, which could either cause the Survivor to be EXposed, have a longer Haste Effect, Scream or receive a random rare item. The downside that you have with this Perk is that the Survivor will have to be healthy, however the Haste effect is definitely  really beneficial because it could allow you to sprint to safety. 

9. Lithe


Lithe stands as a distinctive Perk exclusive to Feng, offering Survivors an opportunity to evade the pursuing Killer. Triggered by executing a hurried vault, the Survivor catapults into a sprint, reaching 150% of their standard Running Movement speed for a duration of 3 seconds.

Subsequently, this manoeuvre creates an Exhausted Status Effect on the Survivor for a varying duration of 60/50/40 seconds, contingent upon the Perk’s prestige level in Dead By Daylight. This burst of speed becomes a critical asset, empowering the Survivor to create essential distance from the pursuing Killer and seek refuge in a concealed location.

8. Spine Chill

Spine Chill

This ability triggers whenever the Killer maintains proximity within a 36-metre radius of the Survivor while maintaining an unobstructed view. It amplifies the Survivor’s speed by 2-6% across a range of actions including Repairing, Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Blessing, Opening, and Unlocking.

This augmentation persists for 0.5 seconds after the Killer breaks line of sight or ventures beyond the designated range, granting the Survivor a brief window of heightened efficiency across these essential tasks.

The cool thing with this Perk is that it can allow a Survivor to finish an important task before the Killer is able to reach them and as a result could give you time to escape as well. 

7. Prove Thyself

Prove Thyself

Prove Thyself is a unique Perk exclusive to Dwight, this ability heightens a Survivor’s Repair speed by 6-10% for every other Survivor within a 4-metre radius, which can give you an increase of up to 18-30%. Remarkably, each Survivor within this range also gains the advantages bestowed by this Perk.

This collective augmentation empowers Survivors to expedite Generator repairs significantly when in close proximity, offering an advantageous head start in the early phases of the game before the Killer has an opportunity to engage. Furthermore, as the match progresses, this ability aids in swiftly completing objectives, providing a notable advantage throughout the duration of the game.

6. Boon: Circle of Healing

Boon: Circle of Healing

Circle of Healing stands as an exclusive Perk belonging to Mikaela, empowering Survivors to transform a Dull or Hex Totem into a Boon Totem through a blessing ritual. Upon activation, this Boon Totem generates a 24-metre radius, augmenting Altruistic Healing speeds by 50-100% for any Survivor within the radius who isn’t utilising a Med-Kit. Additionally, it unveils the Aura of injured Survivors to their peers.

This unique ability fosters enhanced cooperation among Survivors, encouraging collaborative efforts and mutual assistance for increased chances of survival throughout the night. 

5. Sprint Burst

Sprint Burst

Sprint Burst, an exclusive Perk designed for Meg, triggers upon a Survivor initiating a run, propelling them into a sprint at 150% of their regular Running Movement speed for a duration of 3 seconds. Subsequently, the Survivor experiences a state of Exhaustion lasting for 60/50/40 seconds. However, you need to remember that you won’t be able to use this perk when you are exhausted. 

This surge of accelerated speed provides ample opportunity for Survivors in Dead By Daylight to swiftly reach an Exit Gate or outmanoeuvre a pursuing Killer, albeit at the cost of enduring a temporary period of Exhaustion post-sprint.

4. Kindred


Kindred, a universal Perk, heightens Survivors’ proficiency in detecting Auras, contingent on whether they or another Survivor is under the influence of a hooking event. When the Perk’s user is hooked, it unveils the Auras of all Survivors to each other. Furthermore, if a Killer lurks within an 8-16 metre radius of their hook, their Aura becomes visible to all Survivors.

In the scenario where another Survivor becomes hooked, a Survivor equipped with Kindred gains insight into the Auras of all remaining Survivors. Additionally, if the Killer is within 8-16 metres of the hooked Survivor, their Aura is also revealed. The knowledge of other Survivors’ locations proves invaluable, and the added advantage of spotting a lurking Killer significantly benefits the user of this Perk.

3. Adrenaline


Adrenaline is a distinctive Perk exclusive to Meg and comes into play during the endgame when the Exit Gates are activated. Upon activation, it promptly restores the Survivor’s health by one health state and bestows a sprint boost, escalating their Running Movement speed to 150% of the standard rate for 5 seconds.

Should it be deactivated, Adrenaline will engage upon the Survivor’s liberation or rouse players from the Dream World when confronted by the Nightmare. However, this activation triggers an Exhausted Status Effect for a duration of 60/50/40 seconds following its use.

2. Made For This

Made For This

Made for This, one of Gabriel’s distinctive Perks, triggers when the Survivor is in the Injured State. It confers a 1-3% Haste Status Effect while running and provides the Endurance Status Effect for 6-10 seconds following the completion of a Healing action on another Survivor.

However, this Perk remains inactive while the Survivor is Exhausted. Unlike the other Perks, it doesn’t induce Exhaustion. This ability empowers Injured Survivors to outpace the pursuing Killer and offers a supportive boost when aiding fellow Survivors, contributing significantly to the teamwork dynamic within Dead By Daylight.

1. Off the Record

Off the Record

A Unique Perk that’s tailored for Zarina is Off the Record and it caters to a stealth-oriented Survivor playstyle within Dead By Daylight. Once unhooked by another Survivor or self-unhooked, this Perk engages for a duration of 60-80 seconds. During this period, it blocks the Killer from exposing the Survivor’s Aura, muffles Grunts of Pain, and grants the Survivor the Endurance effect.

This temporary remission allows players to stealthily distance themselves from the pursuing Killer and regroup. However, the Perk deactivates upon the powering of Exit Gates, signalling a shift in strategy towards speed over stealth at that juncture.

Final Words

Dead by Daylight

In Dead By Daylight, Survivor Perks are key to survival, offering unique advantages amidst a multitude of abilities. From Dramaturgy’s unpredictability to Lithe’s evasion tactics, each Perk serves a distinct purpose. Abilities like Spine Chill and Prove Thyself aid efficiency and teamwork, while others like Circle of Healing and Off the Record cater to different playstyles. Choosing these Perks becomes a critical strategy for Survivors, shaping their approach to navigating the dangers of the game.

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