In the Skyrim game you may have come across a player house, located in Whiterun, that goes by the name of Breezehome and can be purchased for 5,000 gold, but there is actually a secret way that you’ll be able to get this home completely free of charge. Getting this home is definitely a great way for players to make a home for themselves. Once you’ve successfully defended Whiterun from a dragon attack during the main quest called “Dragon Rising”, Jarl Balgruuf will then make you a Thane of Whiterun. Now with this new title of yours you’ll be able to purchase and own properties within the city, including the Breezehome starter house. 

How To Get A House In Whiterun For Free in Skyrim

The Breezehome definitely isn’t the best house that you can purchase in Skyrim but it is definitely a homey starter property in one of the most interesting cities in Skyrim. This city is located near Warmaiden’s, which is the city’s local smithy and armour shop, making it quite a convenient property to own. However, with these benefits, it also means that the asking price would be quite high, 5000 Gold, but you can instead use this smart exploit in order to get it for free. 

Getting the Breezehome for Free

Getting the Breezehome for Free

The first thing that you’ll have to make sure you have is 5,000 Gold in your inventory, however don’t worry you actually won’t use any of it. Now that you’ve got this Gold in your inventory you need to find Proventus Avenicci, the jarl’s steward, and speak with him either when he is just about to go to sleep or when he is getting up from his bed. You’ll be able to find his living quarters in the Jarl’s Quarters in Dragonsreach Keep, where his room is the first door that you’ll find on the right. 

Within this room you’ll see that he has three different wardrobes, and you’ll want to make sure that you position your character as close to these wardrobes as you can. Try to quicksave your progress before you start speaking to Proventus so that you are able to reload and try again if something were to go wrong in your first attempt. 

Now you’ll want to make sure that whilst Proventus is next to one of his wardrobes before interacting with him to start a dialogue and then select the option that says “I’d like to purchase a house in the city” and then select “i’ll take it” in order to purchase the house. 

Now that you’ve selected the last dialogue option you’ll then want to exit the dialogue and quickly open up the nearby wardrobe whilst Proventus is actually still busy speaking. It is important to open the wardrobe before you hear a jingle effect play, which means that you’ve spent your Gold. 

This is because you’ll then want to store all of that Gold that you have within the wardrobe and then exit. If you‘ve successfully managed to pull off this exploit then you’ll receive the Key to Breezehome completely free of charge. Before leaving just make sure that you take all of your Gold back from the wardrobe and then go check out your new home. 

Upgrading your Breezehome for Free in Skyrim

Upgrading your Breezehome for Free in Skyrim

Purchasing Breezehome is just the first step of this journey because as you’ll notice, it is quite plain and boring. However, fear not as you are able to renovate it by buying house upgrades from Proventus. The upgrade and their prices are as follows:

House UpgradesPrices
Alchemy Lab500 Gold
Bedroom furnishing300 Gold
Dining room decorations250 Gold
Kitchen furnishing300 Gold
Living room furnishing250 Gold
Childs bedroom (Hearthfire expansion is required for this and it replaces the Alchemy Lab)250 Gold
Housecarl’s quartersFree

To fully upgrade your Breezehome it’ll cost you a lot more than 1,000 GOld but just as you used an exploit to get your house for free you can do the same thing with the upgrades. 

To accomplish this, engage in conversation with Proventus while he occupies the room situated behind the Jarl’s throne, featuring a war table and an adjacent chest. Request to procure each upgrade, conclude the dialogue, and deposit all your Gold into the nearby chest.

You may repeat this process multiple times until you have acquired all the available house upgrades. Notably, Proventus sells these upgrades solely when he is present in Dragonsreach, not within the Jarl’s Quarters, yet the exploit remains effective in this scenario.

Another option instead of purchasing Breezehome involves marrying Ysolda, a prominent local merchant and one of Skyrim’s highly regarded female marriage options. If you wed Ysolda, she possesses a residence in Whiterun that you can utilise together. This arrangement doesn’t incur any expenses, but you must first fulfil her Rare Gifts side quest before the marriage is possible.

Final Words


In the grand scheme, Breezehome often serves as the initial residence one acquires in Skyrim. Yet, obtaining Breezehome without cost and enhancing it without expenses can preserve a substantial amount of Gold. This approach enables you to reserve your Skyrim Gold for other, potentially more significant acquisitions.

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