LEGO Fortnite offers a fresh take on the Fortnite series, merging crafting elements with survival aspects. Players tackle the challenge of defeating the end-game boss, combining crafting features and survival dynamics from Fortnite. Progression revolves around levelling up to unlock new areas, devoid of specific goals, missions, or storylines typical in other games. Unlike traditional boss encounters, LEGO Fortnite lacks predefined bosses. Instead, players face increasingly formidable foes, serving as the primary progression markers.

How to Find & Beat The Brutes in LEGO Fortnite

The most powerful enemies in LEGO Fortnite are the Brutes, formidable foes that require significant damage to defeat while packing a powerful punch in return. Available in three variations located in specific areas, these Brutes vary in difficulty but collectively serve as the game’s ultimate challenges.

Finding The Three Brute Bosses

Finding The Three Brute Bosses
Brute TypeBiomeLocation they’re usually  found at
BrutesGrasslandsMost common open areas
SandDry ValleyWithin Lava Caves
FrostFrostlandsMountain areas

In LEGO Fortnite, locating the three Brute types requires heading to specific Biomes, but their exact spawn points within those areas are random. Players have noted higher spawn rates at certain locations. Adjusting settings for visual sound effects aids in spotting enemies from afar. Though players often tackle the Frost Brute last, all three offer a comparable challenge and can be confronted in any order. Recruiting villagers beforehand provides valuable aid in facing these formidable adversaries.

Strategies for Defeating the Brutes

Strategies for Defeating the Brutes

Facing any of the three Brutes in LEGO Fortnite requires a similar approach: teaming up in co-op or strategizing beforehand. Equipping a Shield is vital for reducing damage during battle. Each Brute possesses four attacks—a regular strike, a charged strike, a stomp, and a ranged attack—requiring caution. Using long-range weapons like the Recurve Crossbow is effective, allowing gradual damage from a safe distance. Although close-range attacks are a little effective, you’ll be required to heal up after each attack because of the Brutes’ quick damage output rate. 

Final Words

The Brutes in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, facing the Brutes becomes an exhilarating milestone, a test of skill within its vibrant landscapes. Their formidable presence challenges players to adapt, strategize, and collaborate for victory. Although it may be quite a tiresoum challenge to try and defeat these enemies it is worth it at the end as it stands as a testament to your courage within this dynamic world, where each battle represents a thrilling journey of survival and triumph.

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