In God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla’s new roguelike mode, maximising upgrades swiftly is crucial for Kratos. Initially weak, Kratos faces a swift defeat due to a curse in the tutorial. However, permanent and temporary upgrades are available to restore Kratos to his former strength.

God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla, The Best Upgrades To Get First

The GoW Ragnarok: Valhalla DLC is packed with rewards that longtime fans will appreciate. Yet, similar to most roguelites, progressing from start to finish demands considerable effort. To ease each run, players can utilise Mastery Seals, Spirit Seals, and Divine Influence at the Tablets on the Shore between runs.

During a run, players can access temporary upgrades like glyphs, but this list focuses on the top permanent upgrades that Kratos can unlock, given the variable nature of the temporary ones.

6. Tablet of Reflection – Basic Stats

Tablet of Reflection - Basic Stats

Initially, the DLC offers inexpensive upgrades, especially for Health, to enhance stats like Health, Rage, Defense, and Strength. Boosting these stats early on helps Kratos face enemies more effectively and progress faster, setting the pace for attaining superior upgrades later.

5. Tablet of Reflection – Resurrection Stone

One key upgrade involves obtaining a Resurrection Stone, granting a second chance upon defeat, with an option to upgrade for an extra Stone. This concept mirrors features common in roguelites and could also be unlocked in the game’s main story. For those struggling with resources, completing Labours for additional materials can provide solutions.

4. Mastery & Spirit Seals Pot Increase

Mastery & Spirit Seals Pot Increase

These enhancements enable Kratos to discover additional Mastery and Spirit Seals from shattered pots, enhancing their visibility to make spotting them a lot easier. Embracing these upgrades accelerates strength progression. Opting for increased XP, a common strategy in roguelites, proves beneficial early on. Prioritising these upgrades swiftly amplifies your progress.

3. Tablet of Influence – Echoes: Starting

This enhancement grants 100 – 300 Fleeting Echoes at the beginning of your run’s, this will not only allow you to buy a glyph early on but may even allow you to get better glyphs a lot sooner. As a result you’ll be able to complete Labours a lot quicker, since a lot of them involve getting different glyphs and then reaping the rewards. 

2. Tablet of Reflection – Critical Health Regen & Health Looter

Tablet of Reflection - Critical Health Regen & Health Looter

These enhancements both aid Kratos by replenishing his health in specific circumstances. The Critical Health Regen restores health up to a set percentage after an encounter, but it requires Kratos to fall below a certain health threshold to activate. In contrast, Health Looter consistently triggers, healing Kratos by a fixed percentage upon looting a Legendary Chest or Rift, commonly appearing after encounters. When combined with the Resurrection Stone, these upgrades significantly boost Kratos’ survivability.

1. Valhalla’s Chosen Seal

This enhancement initially doubles the Mastery and Spirit Seals acquired after defeating a Valhalla’s Chosen foe. These enemies pose a bit more challenge, yet collecting resources from them for lasting improvements is crucial. Collecting these resources becomes essential to completing the God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla DLC repeatedly. While additional permanent upgrades exist across tiers, prioritising these upgrades first ensures prolonged survival, essential for securing further advancements.

Final Words

God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla

In the chaotic journey through God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla’s realms, the strategic pursuit of these essential upgrades for Kratos stands as a key factor between victory and failure. Each enhancement, from fortifying basic stats to doubling critical resources, serves as a crucial stepping stone toward enduring survival and eventual dominance. As Kratos navigates the challenges of this roguelike odyssey, these foundational upgrades become the cornerstone of his resilience, shaping the path to victory. 

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