In The Sims 4, money, also known as Simoleons, stands as a crucial resource for ensuring a fulfilling life for your simulated families. It serves as the primary means to access various essentials like building materials, decorations, skill-enhancing items, food, and more. Although numerous cheats exist for swift solutions, there are ample legitimate methods to earn money in the game without resorting to them.

The 10 Best Ways To Make Money in Sims 4

For players who are looking to refrain from using any sort of cheats in Sims 4, traditional methods become vital for generating income. Some familiar methods include securing employment or monetizing hobbies, while lesser-known options involve activities like theft, beachcombing, and digging for hidden treasures. Irrespective of personal preferences, all these methods offer viable opportunities to supplement your in-game finances.

If your way of generating money requires any sort of skill then you’ll definitely want this associated skill to be as high as possible because it’ll lead to you making more money. For example, performing, painting and other activities like this make the most possible amount of money when the associated skill has been maxed out. 

10. Musical Performances

Musical Performances

A method to acquire additional Simoleons involves having a skilled Sim entertain others through musical performances. Utilising various musical instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, or simply singing into a microphone, Sims can showcase their talent in public spaces where fellow Sims can gather to listen. This engagement enables them to earn tips from their audience, which is the primary way that you’ll be earning money this way. To level up your singing skill quickly you’ll want to try actions like singing in the shower. 

Although this is a ‘job’ that you could theoretically do anywhere, even just in your front yard, you’ll want to try and focus on being in more public spots where there will be at least five or six other SIms close to you. One of the best places to have your performances will be in a spot like San Myshuno’s Waterside Warble, near the food stalls. The amount that others will tip you definitely isn’t a large amount but it is an easy way to earn some money whilst still increasing a skill. 

9. Beachcombing


Scouring for treasures along the shorelines, known as beachcombing, presents a simple method to earn money in Sims 4. Interestingly, Sims don’t necessarily require a beach despite the task’s name; any area featuring a sand floor texture will suffice. By clicking on the sandy ground, Sims are presented with two options: searching for seashells or rummaging for trash. Opting for seashell hunting prompts the Sim to start digging in the sand. While it doesn’t yield substantial amounts of money, dedicating a minute or two to this task and selling the discovered items can result in a reasonable sum of Simoleons, offering a swift means of income in the game, but be careful because beachcombing could give your Sim a negative Moodlet if they’re bitten by a crab. 

8. Dig for Collectibles

Dig for Collectibles

Much like beachcombing, engaging in collectible hunting in Sims 4 entails Sims excavating through dirt and varied terrain in search of various small objects that hold value and can be sold for profit. Sims can initiate this activity by identifying specific rocks or earthy mounds that trigger the digging prompt. These discovery spots are scattered across different locations, with the park in Oasis Springs being a particularly fruitful area. However, it’s essential to note that Sims will uncover capsules with predetermined values. These capsules can be sold in their sealed state or opened, but there’s a risk involved in opening them, as their significance may either increase or decrease unpredictably.

7. Borrow Money From Friends

Borrow Money From Friends

One method to obtain a substantial sum of money with minimal effort involves requesting loans from friends, albeit with a few rules first. Your Sim has the ability to ask for loans from other Sims, however they will need to be their friend. Next you’ll also need to meet a certain criteria in order to successfully ask for a loan, you need to have a Charisma level of level 7 at least in order to ask for a small loan and then for a bigger loan you’ll need to have your Charisma level completely maxed out. 

Although this way of making money requires some work before being able to do it, it is definitely worth it when you are finally able to get your hands on those bigger loans, which are a few thousand dollars. Finally the best part of borrowing money from your friends is that you won’t have to pay them back for it. 

6. Stealing


While not the most morally upright choice, theft can yield a substantial amount of Simoleons in Sims 4. To successfully steal items, Sims must possess the kleptomaniac trait and advance their Mischief skill. Particularly at lower skill levels, it’s advisable to conduct theft when no one is around, in order to avoid the Sim getting caught and experiencing embarrassment. Initially, Sims can only steal smaller items, but as they progress and reach the maximum proficiency in this trait, they gain the ability to steal the larger, higher-valued items, such as an entire piano, for significant profit.

5. Make Money Online

Make Money Online

An effortless and lucrative method for earning an income involves using a computer in Sims 4. Sims can generate money through various computer activities, with writing books being the most advisable option. Once the Sim finishes writing a book, they can publish it by placing it in the mailbox, and then as a result you’ll earn daily royalties from it. While the amounts may vary, this approach provides an excellent opportunity for passive income. As the Sim’s skill in writing improves, their authored books become better quality, resulting in higher earnings.

For Sims proficient in video gaming, participating in competitive game tournaments offers another advantageous option. Placing third or higher guarantees a payout, with Sims possessing maximum gaming skill consistently securing these top positions in tournaments.

4. Painting


Painting is yet another entertaining hobby that can also serve to be profitable for your Sim. While creating a painting takes some time, players can observe the progress as Sims work on their art. To start painting, Sims must locate an easel and initiate the action, bearing in mind that there’s an initial cost associated with beginning a painting session. The subject matter of the painting isn’t crucial; rather, the selling price is influenced by the Sim’s skill level in painting. Periodically, Sims will craft what’s known as a Masterpiece, fetching a significantly high price when sold to collectors.

3. Fishing


Fishing presents another income opportunity for Sims in Sims 4, although it may not be as passive as earning royalties from writing books. Sims will continuously fish for as long as they’re left to do so, which allows players to accumulate a decent sum of Simoleons over time. However, lower skill levels can make it challenging for Sims to catch fish effectively.

Furthermore, while fishing, Sims might occasionally reel in items other than fish. However, all in all if players are comfortable leaving their Sim to fish for a while, they can obtain quite a bit of money quickly. 

2. Take Some “Odd Jobs”

Take Some “Odd Jobs”

In Sims 4, “Odd Jobs” differ from full careers as they’re one-time tasks that Sims can finish in a day for some quick cash. To access them, check the business app on the phone where a list of available odd jobs is posted. These tasks might request certain skills, and a higher proficiency in that skill will lead to better performance and higher pay for the Sim. Matching the listed skills with the job requirements enhances performance and earnings, making it crucial to pay attention to each job’s details.

1. Build a Career

Build a Career

In Sims 4, pursuing careers is a prominent way to earn income. Among the options, the highest-paying career currently is the Military track from The Sims 4 Strangerville Pack. This path offers two choices, Grand Marshal or Sim-in-Black, both rewarding the same when maxed out at an impressive $422 Simoleons per hour.

Regardless of choosing the Military career or other paths, careers are a reliable source of income in Sims 4. Progression leads to higher earnings across all careers, ensuring a consistent flow of money throughout gameplay.

Final Words

Sims 4

In the ever-evolving world of Sims 4, the pursuit of wealth offers a spectrum of opportunities to elevate your Sim’s financial standing. From unconventional methods like borrowing from friends to honing skills in music or art, each avenue leads to a burgeoning bank account. Whether it’s exploring hidden treasures or delving into odd jobs, the game offers a multitude of ways to pave your Sim’s path to affluence. Embracing careers or indulging in hobbies, every choice shapes your Sim’s financial journey, crafting a narrative of prosperity within the game’s vibrant universe.

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