The array of Killer Perks has expanded significantly with all of its updates, presenting deadly potential in skilled hands. Personal preferences naturally drive variations, yet certain perks grant Killers a slight advantage over others. Although many of these are Unique Perks, any killer can acquire and employ them by utilising that Killer and enhancing the Perk’s prestige.

Dead by Daylight: The 10 Best Killer Perks

Managing Perks in Dead By Daylight poses a challenge, given the vast selection of over a hundred Killer Perks to navigate. These Perks also come in three levels, varying with their prestige, often amplifying the duration or strength of their effects. There are many YouTubers out there that review each Perk, offering an extensive analysis of their merits and drawbacks. However, for those seeking a concise list of recommendations, here are ten standout Killer Perks to consider. Here is a list of survivor perks.

Top 10 Killer Perks

10. Barbecue & Chilli

Barbecue & Chilli

The Barbecue & Chill is a unique Perk that is exclusive to the Cannibal in Dead by Daylight, this ability activates after hooking a Survivor, enabling the Killer to disclose the Auras of Survivors situated at a minimum distance of 40 metres from that Hook for a brief period of five seconds. Though its effectiveness has diminished from previous iterations, it still furnishes Killers with valuable information regarding Survivor locations. This Perk finds optimal utility among Dead By Daylight Killers equipped with map-manoeuvring or teleportation capabilities, facilitating their reach towards these revealed Survivors.

9. Discordance


Next you have a Perk unique to Legion, it stands out as one of the most formidable information-based Perks in Dead By Daylight, lacking the usual means of counteraction seen in other similar abilities. Operating within an extensive range spanning from 64 to 128 metres, nearly the expanse of the entire map, it flags any Generator being simultaneously repaired by two or more Survivors. Upon its initial activation, it emits a noticeable Loud Noise Notification from the generator. Even if a single Survivor departs, the Aura persists for an additional 4 seconds, offering extended visibility.

8. Lethal Pursuer

Lethal Pursuer

Lethal Pursuer, a Perk that belongs to Nemesis from Resident Evil, aligns as another information-focused ability by revealing the Auras of all Survivors at the game’s outset for a duration spanning 7-9 seconds. This strategic advantage grants the Killer precise knowledge of Survivors’ initial positions and extends the duration of Aura reveals triggered by other Perks for a specified period.

While this Perk potentially fosters effective synergy between various Killer abilities, it’s wise for players to exercise caution against over-reliance on Aura reveals, considering their variable utility in gameplay scenarios.

7. Save the Best For Last

Save the Best For Last

Save the Best for Last is a Perk that makes the Killer obsessed with a specific Survivor. Upon landing Basic Attacks on distinct Survivors, the Killer accumulates Tokens, amassing up to 8 Tokens. Each Token grants a 5% cooldown reduction on successful attacks, capping at 40%. However, striking the targeted Survivor results in the loss of accumulated Tokens. Hence, the Killer often reserves this Survivor for later, prioritising elimination of others, yet the substantial attack reduction potential validates the dedication to this Obsession.

6. Jolt


Jolt, a standard Perk, incentivizes the Killer for incapacitating Survivors, sending them into the Dying State. Upon achieving this through a basic attack, all Generators within a 32-metre radius of the Killer spontaneously detonate and commence regressing. Additionally, it triggers an instant regression of the Generator’s progression by 6-8% of its maximum capacity.

This strategic manoeuvre affords the Killer additional time to pursue Survivors before they can access the Exit Gates, compelling them to prioritise repairs on Generators near the Killer’s vicinity.

5. Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes the Weasel, an exclusive Perk for the Clown, hinges on the Killer successfully hooking a Survivor. Upon achieving this, the Perk activates for a duration of 35-45 seconds, contingent upon the Perk’s prestige in Dead By Daylight. During this window of time, the Killer is encouraged to try and target a Generator and deal damage to it.

Should they accomplish this task, the Perk triggers an immediate regression of 30% of the Generator’s current progression, followed by the standard damage regression. This strategy synergizes effectively with other Perks that grant Killers visibility of Generator Auras or with agile Killers capable of swift traversal across the map.

4. Deadlock


Staying in line with impeding Generator progress, Deadlock serves as Cenobite’s Unique Perk, designed to hinder Survivors in their objective completion. Upon the completion of a Generator, the Entity in Dead by Daylight intervenes by obstructing the next Generator with the highest progression for a duration of 20-30 seconds, visually shown to the Killer through a white Aura.

This strategic advantage enables the Killer to pinpoint the Generator with the most advancement, potentially inflicting additional damage before Survivors can finalise its completion.

3. No Way Out

No Way Out

No Way Out, a unique Perk exclusive to the Trickster, lets you receive a boost from completing the Killer’s objective of hooking Survivors. Upon the initial hooking of each Survivor, the Killer earns 1 Token toward No Way Out.

Activation of No Way Out occurs when a Survivor engages with an Exit Gate switch, signified by a Loud Noise Notification for the Killer. Subsequently, the Entity intervenes, and will actually block both Exit Gate Switches for a baseline of 12 seconds, supplemented by an extra 6-12 seconds for each Token held by the Killer. This critical extension of time grants the Killer vital additional moments to eliminate the remaining Survivors.

2. Corrupt Intervention

Corrupt Intervention

Corrupt Intervention, a Perk wielded by the Plague, activates at the beginning of the match. This Perk directs the Entity to block the three farthest Generators from the Killer for a duration of 80-120 seconds, which as a result will lead to Survivors being pushed more towards the Killers vicinity. This strategic manoeuvre enables the Killer to take control of the situation and hinder potential Generator progress that would have otherwise been inaccessible due to distance.

When utilised in conjunction with Lethal Pursuer, this Perk combination can furnish the Killer with a substantial advantage right from the start. However, its effect will cease should a Survivor enter the Dying State.

1. Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is yet another unique Perk that is exclusive to the Artist in Dead by Daylight and what it does is initiates a transformation of 4 random Hooks into Scourge Hooks at the beginning of the match, showing them to the Killer through a white Aura. Additionally, it starts with a stack of 4 Tokens that diminishes each time a Survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook.

Upon consumption, each Token triggers the Generator with the highest progression to detonate, causing a loss of 15-25% of its maximum progression. Furthermore, Survivors repairing the Generator will emit screams without revealing their Aura. This strategic move disrupts progress on the normal objectives for the Killer while providing insight into the whereabouts of the remaining Survivors.

Final Words

Dead by Daylight

In Dead By Daylight, the selection of Killer Perks becomes a pivotal part of shaping a Killer’s strategy. These perks offer diverse advantages and strategic options, influencing how a player navigates and approaches the challenges within the game. Understanding the significance of these perks and their impact on gameplay becomes a defining factor in a Killer’s journey through the trials of Dead By Daylight.

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