If you are not excited for Diablo IV yet, time to gear up. I have played Diablo since the release of the very first Diablo game back in 1996 and we are not going into how old that makes me feel. Instead, the point I am trying to make is this, I have never been disappointed at Diablo, except for that time they nerfed the Necromancers Iron Maiden spell in Diablo II, but that is another story.

Diablo IV combat

Anyhow, I am almost giddy with excitement for Diablo IV. Everything I have seen so far indicates that I will have many long hours of joy playing Diablo IV ahead of me. I like the combat, the storyline is just a nice bonus to me, I am in it for the combat. And I just found this video that really shows that yet again Blizzard has managed to take the combat to new levels. He is also showing off the Diablo IV open world.

Why I’m Excited For Diablo IV (This Will Be HUGE)

The Diablo IV pre-order open beta starts tomorrow, March 17-19 and everyone else get a shot at the open beta on March 24-26. The game launches on June 6.

Diablo IV | Beta Early Access Gameplay Trailer

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