Here is the trailer for the documentary film Billion Dollar Heist, which takes a closer look at how criminals managed to rob the Bangladesh Central Bank of millions of dollars.

Billion Dollar Heist

The heist was not entirely successful as it was discovered in time that the robbers attempted to transfer nearly a billion dollars from the Bangladesh Central Bank’s account in a U.S. bank to unauthorized recipients through the international banking system SWIFT.

Billion Dollar Heist – Official Trailer (2023)

However, a total of around 101 million dollars was transferred to accounts in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Of this amount, approximately 38 million dollars have been recovered so far, but over 60 million dollars is still missing. The identity of the perpetrators is currently unknown. The U.S. FBI suspects that state actors from North Korea may have been behind the heist.

Billion Dollar Heist will be released as VoD on August 15th in the USA.

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