Here is the trailer for the HBO documentary Time Bomb Y2K, which takes a closer look at the so-called millennium bug that caused a great stir around the world at the end of the last millennium.

Time Bomb Y2K

The film consists of archival material featuring tech leaders of the time such as Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, as well as clips with former U.S. President Bill Clinton and celebrities like Busta Rhymes and Matt Damon. HBO writes about the documentary:

With Y2K now in the rearview mirror and with new technological threats emerging daily, TIME BOMB Y2K raises concerns about the digital infrastructure we’ve created and takes a prophetic and comical look at our dependence on complex systems vulnerable to future glitches. Y2K forced us to consider what would happen if computers worldwide suddenly stopped working. Even worse, what if this failure led to nuclear catastrophe?

Time Bomb Y2K | Official Trailer | HBO

Time Bomb Y2K premieres on HBO on December 30.

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