Tesla has now introduced standard versions of both the Model S and Model X with both lower range and slower acceleration, but at a better price.

Tesla Model S standard

Both versions cost $10,000 less than the regular version. The top version is still the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid, which cost $108.490. There’s also a more affordable version that isn’t quite as extravagantly priced. Here are all the prices for all models.

Model S Standard Range – 78.490 dollar
Model S – 88.490 dollar
Model S Plaid – 108.490 dollar
Model X Standard Range – 88.490 dollar
Model X – 98.490 dollar
Model X Plaid – 108.490 dollar

As mentioned, the standard version has reduced range and is slightly slower:

Model S Standard Range – 502 kilometers / 3.8 seconds (estimate)

Model S – 634 kilometers / 3.2 seconds

Model S Plaid – 600 kilometers / 2.1 seconds

Model X Standard Range – 446 kilometers / 4.5 seconds (estimate)

Model X – 576 kilometers / 3.9 seconds

Model X Plaid – 543 kilometers / 2.6 seconds


Tesla Model X standard

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