Tesla, Inc., founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company. The company revolutionized the way we think about electric vehicles and played a significant role in the automotive industry. 

Tesla designs and manufactures electric vehicles, stationary battery energy storage devices, solar panels, and related products and services. The company not only transformed how we think about electric vehicles but also accelerated the adoption of electric vehicles on a global scale. 

Tesla’s contributions to the automotive industry sparked a new era characterized by a Silicon Valley approach to software and innovation. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, it remains a key player in shaping the future of the automotive industry.

In this report, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Tesla Inc.

Tesla Incorporated Key Statistics

  • Market Cap: Tesla’s total market value is $791.42 billion.
  • Revenue for 2022: Tesla’s revenue for 2022 is $81.462 billion.
  • Total Q2 revenues: Tesla’s total revenue for Q2 2023 was $24.93 billion.
  • Gross Margin (TTM): Tesla’s gross margin over the past 12 months was 25.60%.
  • Shares Outstanding: Tesla has 3.17 billion shares outstanding.
  • Employees: Tesla has 127,855 employees at the end of 2022.
  • Revenue per Employee: Tesla’s revenue per employee is $735,427.
  • Revenue Growth (YoY): Tesla’s year-over-year revenue growth is 51.35%.
  • Net Income: Tesla’s net income in 2022 is $12.55 billion.
  • Net Profit Margin: Tesla’s Q4 net profit margin in 2022 is 15.27%.
  • EPS (TTM): Tesla’s earnings per share over the past 12 months is $3.62.
  • % Held by Insiders: 13.04% of Tesla’s shares are held by insiders.
  • % Held by Institutions: 42.84% of Tesla’s shares are held by institutions.
  • Short % of Float: 3.37% of Tesla’s shares are sold short.
  • Short % of Shares Outstanding: 2.93% of Tesla’s shares outstanding are sold short.
  • Tesla Supercharger stations: Tesla has Supercharger stations in over 40 countries, with the majority located in the USA, China, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, and Italy.
  • Tesla vehicle deliveries: Tesla delivered a record 935,950 vehicles in 2021.
  • Tesla sales in China: Tesla sold 473,103 vehicles in China in 2021.
  • Tesla sales in Europe: Tesla sold 30,911 vehicles in the Netherlands, 18,798 in Norway, and 10,711 in Germany in 2019.
  • Tesla annual car production: Tesla produced 479,700 vehicles in Q2 2023.

Tesla Sales Statistics for 2023

Starting with the Lotus Elise-based electric sports car Tesla Roadster in 2008, Tesla sold a total of 4,527,916 electric vehicles as of July 20231.

Below is the breakdown of the year-over-year sales.

Table One: Tesla Sales by Vehicle Models Sold Since 2008

YearTotal SalesVehicle Models Sold
20123,000Roadster, Model S
201322,477Model S
201431,655Model S
201550,658Model S, Model X (Q4 ’15)
201676,285Model S, Model X
2017103,181Model S/X, Model 3 (Q3 ’17)
2018245,506Model S/X, Model 3
2019354,245Model S/X, Model 3
2020499,647Model S/X, Model 3/Y
2021936,222Model S/X, Model 3/Y
20221,313,851Model S/X, Model 3/Y
2023*889,015Model S/X, Model 3/Y

Total Number of Tesla Vehicles Sold in Q2 2023

The total number of Tesla vehicles sold in Q2 20232 is 466,140.

Total Number of Tesla Vehicles Sold in Q2 2023

The above is a record of deliveries for Tesla in a single Quarter. The increase in deliveries in the second quarter is attributed to price cuts, sales incentives, and expansion of production capacity.

Tesla Vehicle Models Sold in Q2 of 2023

The breakdown of the vehicle models sold in Q2 2023 is as follows:

Model 3/Model Y3

Tesla combinedly delivered 446,915 units of Model 3 and Model Y.

Model 3/Model Y

Model S/Model X3

Tesla delivered a total of 19,225 units of Model S and Model X combined.

Model S/Model X

Table Two: Tesla Vehicle Models Sold in Q2 of 2023

Vehicle ModelsTotal Deliveries
Model 3 and Model Y446,915
Model S and Model X19,225

Tesla’s Sales by Region

Tesla thrives most in three regions of the world when it comes to sales: the United States, China, and Europe. Let’s take a look at the sales figures in these regions.

United States

In 20224, almost 50% of Tesla’s revenue was generated in the US.

United States

In Q1 20235, Tesla sold almost 181,000 cars in the US.

181,000 cars in the US


China generated more than 22% of Tesla’s revenue in 20224.


In Q1 2023, China recorded its best quarter for Tesla sales by selling approximately 229,000 vehicles.

229,000 vehicles


In 20225, total number of Tesla sold in Europe was 234,194, which is more than 17% of the world’s total sales. 


94,696 Tesla’s cars were sold in Q1 20235 in Europe.

Tesla Sales in the US, China, and Europe (2018-2023*)

Here are how the sales in these three regions compare since 2018 till present.

Table Three: Tesla Sales in the US, China and Europe

Year United States ChinaEurope
2023* (Q1) 181,0005137,429994,6965

Tesla (TSLA. O) sold 267,171 Model Ys in the first quarter of this year according to a source. Of these, 94,469 were sold in China, which is higher than the number sold in the United States (83,664) and Europe (71,114).

Tesla Vehicle Model Sales Comparisons

Tesla has four vehicle Models, and here are some comparisons:

Table Four

Year Model YModel 3Model XModel S
Starting Price$47,490$40,240$98,490$88,490 
Unit Sold/Q23446,915 deliveries for Model Y and 319,225 deliveries for Model X and S
Unit roduced3460,211 for Model Y/319,489 for Model X/S
Unit Sold 2022747,500240,26631,371176, 372
Seating Capacity5-7 passengers5 passengers 5 passengers 5 passengers

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Tesla Revenue and Financial Performance Statistics

Tesla Motors released its first car, the electric Roadster in 2008. Since then, their revenues have been increasing year-over-year. 

Tesla’s revenue grew to nearly $81.5 billion in the 2022 fiscal year, a 51% increase from the previous year.

Tesla's revenue grew to nearly $81.5 billion in the 2022 fiscal year

The table below shows the fiscal year revenues from 2008-2022.

Table Five: Comparison of Tesla’s Revenue with Previous Years 

YearRevenues ($billion)
2023 Q2224.927

Tesla’s revenue for the twelve months ending June 30, 2023 was $94.028 billion. This is a 39.99% increase year-over-year.

Tesla’s Quarterly Revenue Growth From 2019 to 2023*

Table Six: Tesla Quarterly Revenues From 2019 to 2023

Year2Revenues ($billion)
Q1 20194.541
Q2 20196.350
Q3 20196.303
Q4 20197.384
Q1 20205.985
Q2 20206.036
Q3 20208.771
Q4 202010.744
Q1 202110.389
Q2 202111.958
Q3 202113.757
Q4 202117.719
Q1 202218.756
Q2 202216.934
Q3 202221.454
Q4 202224,318
Q1 202323.329
Q2 202324.927

Breakdown of Tesla Revenue by Segment

Tesla generates revenue through operations in different reportable segments, including automotive leasing, automotive sales, regulatory credits, energy generation and storage, and services. The following is a breakdown of Tesla’s revenue by segment:

Table Seven: Tesla Revenue by Segment in 2022

SegmentRevenue ($billion)% Contribution
Automotive Sales67.2183%
Regulatory Credits1.772%
Energy Generation and Storage3.95%

Tesla Revenue Contribution by Geographical Segment

The United States was Tesla’s largest market for 2022, followed by China. Here’s the contribution by geographical location.

Table Eight: Tesla Revenue by Geography

Country4Revenue ($billion)% Contribution
United States40.5549.78%

In 2022, the United States and China accounted for 72.05% of Tesla’s total global revenue generation.

Factors Influencing Tesla Revenue Growth

A combination of internal and external factors have influenced Tesla’s revenue growth. Here are some of the key factors:

Internal Factors

Product Innovation: Tesla drives revenue growth through product innovation. The company’s ability to innovate and introduce new products such as the Cybertruck and the Semi differentiates itself from competitors and attracts customers  interested in cutting-edge technology.

Production Efficiency: Tesla can increase profit margins and revenue growth by improving production efficiency and reducing costs. The company has been working to improve its production processes and increase automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Sales and Marketing: Tesla influences consumer demand and revenue growth through its sales and marketing efforts, including its target market and advertising campaigns. The company has been successful in building a strong brand and attracting customers interested in environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced vehicles.

External Factors

Economic Growth: High consumer purchasing power and a strong economy increase the demand for vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs) such as Tesla. As the global economy grows, more consumers have the financial means to purchase luxury vehicles like Tesla’s.

Government Incentives and Subsidies: Tesla’s revenue growth can be affected by the availability of government incentives and subsidies for electric vehicles. Incentives such as tax credits and rebates can make Tesla’s vehicles more affordable for consumers and increase demand.

Competition: Tesla’s market share and revenue growth can be impacted by the rise of competition from other electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, and Volkswagen. As more companies enter the EV market, Tesla will face increased customers’ competition.

Cost of Gasoline: Consumer demand for electric vehicles, including Tesla’s, can be influenced by the cost of gasoline. When gasoline prices are high, consumers may be more likely to consider purchasing an electric vehicle to save money on fuel costs.

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Tesla Production Statistics

Tesla produced a total of 920,807 electric cars globally in the first half of 2023.

Q1 Production for 2023

Tesla produced 440,808 vehicles in the first quarter of 20231.

Model Production for the Quarter

For the first quarter of 20233, Model 3/Y vehicles accounted for 421,371 production, while Model S/X accounted for 19,437 production.

Q2 Production for 2023

Tesla’s total production for the second quarter of 20232 was 479,999.

Model Production for the Quarter

In the second quarter of 2023, Model 3/Y vehicles accounted for the majority of the production. The Model production was 460,211, while Model S/X vehicle production was 19,788.

Table Nine: Tesla Production for 2023 Q1 and Q2

QuarterProductionModel 3/YModel S/X

Based on the information on the above table, Model 3/Y totalled 881,582 production in the first of 2023, while Model S/X accounted for 39,255 production.

Tesla Manufacturing Locations

Tesla currently operates six Gigafactories where it produces its cars and batteries. The company plans to announce two additional locations in the future.

Table Ten: Tesla Manufacturing Locations

Factory Name5City5Country5
Tesla Fremont FactoryFremont, CaliforniaUnited States
Gigafactory NevadaStorey County, NevadaUnited States
Gigafactory New YorkBuffalo, New YorkUnited States
Gigafactory ShanghaiShanghaiChina
Gigafactory Berlin-BrandenburgGrünheideGermany
Gigafactory TexasAustin, TexasUnited States
Gigafactory MexicoMonterrey, Nuevo LeonMexico (Future)
Tesla Shanghai MegafactoryShanghaiChina (Future)

Tesla’s Supercharger Network and Location

Tesla has the largest global, fast-charging network in the world with over 45,000 Superchargers. These Superchargers are located on major routes near convenient amenities, and the locations are in more than 407 countries.

Supercharging Location in the US

The United States has roughly 17,000 superchargers across 6,1808 locations throughout the States. California has the majority of Tesla’s Supercharger locations with 344, while Florida, Texas, New York, and Virginia round out the top five.

To find Tesla Supercharger locations in the United States, you can visit Tesla’s website. Third-party websites such as supercharge.info, PlugShare, or the Supercharger map for Tesla app can also be used. Another website that provides a map of Tesla Supercharger locations is Tesla Supercharging Locations by GeoMarvel.

Supercharging Location in China

Tesla operates over 1,600 Supercharging stations in China, with over 10,000 Superchargers as of April 20239. The number of Tesla Supercharging stations on the Chinese Mainland was above 1,500 in December 2022 compared to 1,000 units in October of the same year. Tesla’s Supercharging network in China is considered one of the densest and most accessible in the country, covering more than 320 cities9

Also, Tesla operates over 700 destination charging stations in China with more than 1,9009 individual stalls. Recently, Tesla has opened up its Supercharger network in China to non-Tesla electric cars starting with a pilot program in Beijing and Shanghai that includes 10 Supercharger stations for 37 different electric vehicle models.

Supercharging Location in Europe

As of the end of Q29, there were over 38,500 Superchargers in Europe. Tesla has been opening more Superchargers in Europe for third-party use, similar to China. This allows electric cars from other brands to use them. 

The table below shows the top 10 countries with the highest number of Supercharging stations in Europe.

Table Eleven: Top 10 Superchargers Locations in Europe

Supercharger StationsNumbers
United Kingdom9100

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Tesla Electric Vehicle Market Share and Prediction

Key Statistics

  • In 20221, Tesla held a 62% share of the US electric vehicle market.
  • Bank of America analysts estimated that Tesla’s share of the US electric vehicle market will decrease to 18% by 20261.
  • In Q2 20232, Tesla’s overall US electric vehicle market share declined to 59% from 62% in Q1 of the same year.
  • Tesla’s electric vehicle market’s share has decreased from 72% to 54% since January 20223.
  • Tesla’s sales volume has been increasing despite the decline in market share. The company reached a new record of 422.875 units sold in Q1 20234.

Tesla Comparison with other Major Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Tesla has managed to see success by focusing on premium electric vehicles (EVs). The company has several competitors among traditional carmakers such as BYD, SGMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

Table Twelve: Comparing Tesla with Other EV Manufacturers for Q2 2023

EV ManufacturersSales in Unit (Q2)

Sources: CNBC1, Barrons2, Axios3, CNBC4, CNBC5, Reuters6, Inside EVs7, BMW Group PressClub8, GM Authority9, Inside EVs, Inside EVs*, Inside EVs**, 


What is Tesla’s revenue in 2023?

In Q1 2023, Tesla reported revenue of $23.33 billion, and in Q2 2023, it reported revenue of $24.927 billion.

What are Tesla’s production numbers in 2023?

Tesla produced 920,807 vehicles and delivered over 889,015 vehicles after Q2 2023.

What was Tesla’s record for units produced and sold in a single Quarter?

In Q2 2023, Tesla produced 479,999 units and sold 466,140 units. This became the record sales of a Tesla product for a single quarter.

How many employees work at Tesla and its subsidiaries worldwide?

The number of people employed by Tesla and its subsidiaries has increased steadily over the past decade, with over 127,000 jobs created.

What is Tesla’s highest selling product?

The Model Y is Tesla’s highest selling product. In Q1 2023, it was the world’s best-selling car, surpassing Toyota’s RAV4 and Corolla models. Tesla sold 267,200 units of the Model Y in Q1 2023, with China being the biggest market for the electric SUV.

How many cars will Tesla sell in 2023?

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has set a target to produce around 1.8 million vehicles by the end of 2023. However, it is important to note that meeting this target is not guaranteed, as it depends on various factors such as production capacity, demand, and supply chain constraints.

What country sells the most Teslas?

The United States had the highest number of Tesla sales out of any country in the world in 2022, with almost 50% of Tesla’s revenue generated in the US. China is the country with the second-most Tesla sales and Tesla’s second-largest market, with more than 22% of revenue generated in 2022.

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