In 1998, Audi acquired Lamborghini. The Gallardo model was launched, and it was a collaboration that Audi was involved in developing from the ground up. Audi received the R8 model, and eventually, the Gallardo was replaced by the Huracán.


Now, Lamborghini is going strong, and therefore, they won’t need Audi’s assistance when developing a successor to the Huracán. They simply have the opportunity to develop their own platform now. The statement comes from Lamborghini’s Franceso Scardaoni, who says the following:

Since we’ve been so profitable, we got the green light to develop our own platform- From one side, being part of the Volkswagen Group and having a platform to share is really good because you can share technology, and use technology that is validated from other brands – it’s really a good approach. But of course, being able to design our own platform gives us even more freedom to create the platform that best fits the Lamborghini DNA without any compromise. The company is setting records, quarter over quarter, year over year in terms of financials so… we are able to invest a huge amount of money in terms of research and development and to design our own platforms.

The third generation of the Audi R8 is expected to be fully electric, and the direction for the Huracán’s replacement is still somewhat uncertain, but now they can (almost) do as they please with their own platform. However, there are rumors that the naturally aspirated V10 engine will be replaced by a twin-turbocharged V8 and some form of electrification.

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