A Lamborghini is supposed to sound powerful, that’s a given. But what happens when they’re also pushed towards electrification? A fully electric car sounds like a sewing machine, and that’s not exactly the most thrilling sound in the world. So, why not add a few speakers to fake the engine sound instead?

Lamborghini Lanzador

However, according to Lamborghini’s CTO Rouven Mohr, this is entirely unacceptable. It’s out of the question for future Lamborghinis to emit fake engine sounds – authenticity is the key. Instead, they aim to make the sound as genuine as possible, but the exact approach is not yet finalized. Currently, they’re exploring ways to enhance the sound produced by the electric motors, but the outcome remains to be seen.

Lamborghini Murcielago 670 R-SV GT1 Orgasmic V12 SOUND @ Track!!

The main idea is to make the driver feel one with the car and that the sound is actually coming from the vehicle when you press the accelerator, not from a pre-recorded cassette tape starting up. One thing is for sure though – it will never be possible to make an electric car sound as good as a roaring high-revving V12.


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