Who would have thought that Nintendo properties would start showing up on smartphones and other devices.

But here we are, and we can thank Pokemon Go for starting this awesome trend.

An absolute sensation when it was released in 2016, Pokemon Go continues to be one of the most popular apps available today. Based on the popular game Ingress from Niantic, Pokemon Go uses location-based information to provide players access to Pokemon “in the wild” as well as local gyms for them to take over. A modified version of the classic formula found on Nintendo’s portable systems, Pokemon Go is purely community driven and has grown into one of the largest international communities of smartphone gamers to date.

Most people play it through official channels, such as the through the Google Play or the iTunes App store. That makes sense because Pokemon Go does have a lot of monetary transactions and in-game purchases. While there aren’t a lot of them, they can be kind of annoying.

What really draws players into the game is the vast number of Pokemon to be captured. And then leveled.

Unlike previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Go lets you level your Pokemon with candy that you get from capturing them in the wild. Some levels require a ton of candy, making the act of catching the Pokemon in the wild really important. Some are more difficult than others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to play the game? Some kind of new method?

But one new method of playing Pokemon Go has a lot of people on the Internet talking.

And this is through the popular TutuApp.

Haven’t heard of it?

Basically, TutuApp is an alternative Google Play or Apple iTunes store. It lets you download a lot of the games out there for smartphones and play them on your device.

Best of all?

It allows you to do things in the game that you couldn’t otherwise do through an official channel.

I’m sure you can already see where this is going.

You can basically cheat.

Sad Pikachu with Pokemon Go

In some apps, this boils down to getting certain things for free.

In other instances, it might mean advancing in the game at a quicker rate or obtaining items earlier than normally possible.

Pokemon Go, for example, not only has a huge “collecting” element to it but also a lot of leveling and combat. It basically works the same as the normal version of Pokemon Go except for with the ability to catch more Pokemon or even have an easier time doing it.

TutuApp itself promises to deliver a premium experience for the game.

Another reason for the popularity of the TutuApp Pokemon Go spoof is the limited availability of Pokemon Go in some localities.

Pokemon Go fans in China had difficulty playing the game in the past but now that is not a problem.

If you want to play Pokemon Go without the endless grind then the TutuApp Pokemon Go spoofer might be a solution you want to look into for that problem.

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