Are you someone who is an American resident but you have to travel abroad a lot? Or are you someone who lives somewhere out of America or an ex-pat who happens to be a fan of American TV channels? But unable to watch American TV channels because of the fact they are not available outside America. In such scenarios, you can miss out on your favorite shows and so much more than only cable TV channels provide to their customers only. In some cases, the free content is also not available for anyone outside the US.  

Well, this is because most of the American channels are restricted only to the territory of America for American residents. It may make it nearly impossible for American TV lovers to watch their favorite shows if they are not in America – for once or forever. Though, there is no match when it comes to spectacular cable TV services in the US and channel line ups such as Spectrum channel lineup to name a few. The cable TV experience overall is made better with comprehensive channel line-ups covering sports to entertainments, news and so much more to keep the viewers entertained by providing them what they want. 

However, here is something to make you feel a bit relieved – you can watch them. In this article, I am going to share a complete guide with you on how to stream your favorite American channels even when you are outside America. So, let’s get started: 

Although most of the American channels are restricted only to American IP addresses and block the rest, fortunately, you can still watch them through a VPN. You will be given a new IP address for a temporary period which will make you look like you are in America while in reality,you might be chilling in Paris.

Back in the early 1950s, television was a luxury very few could afford. Its price was approximately $400 – a huge amount at the time. Today, it’s almost equivalent to $4,258. Many channels have arrived and disappeared. At the moment, we have majorly four channels that include NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC. Besides that, a channel CW is loved by youngsters. 

Moreover, Americans have some streaming services available like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video,and Netflix that provide them online streaming of video content. 

The question is why ban non Americans from watching American content? 

It might surprise you to know that you cannot watch American content even if you have subscribed to American content when present in some other country. Why so? The reason is simple – money is the answer. American based streaming services do so because if they do otherwise they will have a huge loss in revenue. As television broadcasting channels make money by selling viewing rights to their content to different countries. However, some countries that are not on good terms with America or have a tight regime wouldn’t want to show American content.

How do American TV service providers get to know who is in America – well, through IP address? You can manipulate them by using a VPN. As mentioned above VPN will give you a new IP address thus service providers wouldn’t be able to know that you are not in America. All this happens by connecting to American based VPN servers which means that VPN’s address will seem like your own.

This will not only get you access to American TV channels but streaming services and gaming servers as well. Moreover, your internet connection gets more protected by encryption which means no one (any hacker, Your ISP, orgovernment) won’t be able to track your online activities. 

The bottom line is even though the American content is restricted to American users only, there are solutions for this too. You can watch online if the live streaming is available or YouTube, or else, VPN (Virtual Private Network) can enable you to make you conceal your identity by giving you anonymity and changing your geo-locations so you can access the restricted content too. Therefore, the simplest answer on how to watch US cable TV channels online is through a VPN. You can get free VPNs too, but a good VPN is worth investing for an exceptional experience while you watch your favorite American show while sipping a cup of tea in India.

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