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Facebook Original Programming Makes Sense

Facebook has long been one of the more popular social media sites, where friends and families can connect, communicate and share pictures. Total strangers become friends and random kitten and cooking videos come together to offer us a diverse and interesting feed, one many of us can lose ourselves in for hours at a time. […]

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3 Cool Gadgets for $150 or Less

Gadgets can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a high quality product that combines good functionality and durability. So when we find high-end gadgets at reasonable prices, we feel the urge to spread the news. Here are 3 extremely cool gadgets that you can get for $150 or less – before taxes, that is. […]

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‘South Park’ is Going Mobile

Ubisoft’s RedLynx and South Park Digital Studios have come together to create South Park: Phone Destroyer. The game, designed for your mobile devices, should be ready later this year. It will be available both on Android and iOS, and Ubisoft promises that the free app, while offering in-game purchase options, will treat every player the […]

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Microsoft’s ‘Better Together’ Update Will Connect Most Minecraft Platforms

Microsoft, who purchased Minecraft and the company who designed it in 2014, is now looking to make the game bigger, better and, more importantly, more unified. The ‘Better Together’ update will allow Minecraft players on most platforms to finally interact with each other. The update is made possible thanks to the Bedrock Engine which is responsible for […]