Facebook, Twitter and other social media started off as a fun way to connect with friends and stay in touch. I remember when, a few years ago, Facebook announced that you could now reply directly to comments on your page. What great news that was! To start a dialogue right there on the appropriate post, imagine that! Unfortunately, while the occasional meme or cute cat video brightens my day, I now feel like my Facebook is too full of political, hate-filled, war and terrorism-related posts. I, like most people, tend to grab my phone every few minutes looking for updates, and lately I have grown weary of what I might find on my feed.

Here is where the Binky app is refreshing. It has everything you would want in an app. It has posts, it has comments, it has ‘likes’. You can even swipe left or right to convey your disdain or appreciation, much like you would on Tinder. You can leave a comment….that will be read by absolutely no one. Your ‘likes’ will disappear into nothingness, to be appreciated by no one safe, perhaps, the bots of the world wide web.

Posts on Binky are called Binks. You can re-bink them if you feel so inclined and don’t mind that they will be re-binked to nowhere at all. Binky is an anti-social app whose sole function is to allow you to grab your phone or tablet, scroll down a fake feed and satisfy your need to state your opinion – without the backlash of the crowd or their judgement of your feelings and commentary. It is truly a mind blowing thing to be able to scream or rejoice at your screen freely, without fear of discrimination or retribution.

“It started out as a joke,” Dan Kurtz, the app’s creator, told TechCrunch. He went on to say “I was doing a satire on the moments when you’re flicking through your apps because you’ve got nothing better to do. Facebook is too much anger, stress and sadness, but you want to do something on your phone. Binky solves the problem where you want to scroll through something, but nothing in particular.”

Well, Binky is getting more popular every day. Maybe Kurtz really was on to something. You should give it a try!

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