Do you feel like you’re never made aware of all the cool events and parties your friends are attending? Or maybe you’re into stalking that friend you have a crush on or knowing what your boss is into over the weekend? Well, there’s an app for that, and it’s called Snap Map.

Of course, if you’re the trend setter and are the one all your friends envy because you always seem to be hanging out at THE event of the season, your friends will be able to find you, too. If you choose to upload your location, that is.

Using the Snap Map app is pretty simple. Upload your location, say what you’re doing, and others will be able to monitor your location and activity on their mobile devices. If a lot of your friends are posting from the same location, it’ll appear on the map as a ‘hot spot’ – that is an area where many of users are merging, such as a concert or a street fair. But the app isn’t limited to your neighborhood – it allows you to see what your friends are doing around the whole world, even including things such as breaking news, friends traveling and world events.

Snap Map, by default, is set to not divulge your location or activity by default. If you want your location to be shown, you can choose to do so with select Snap Map friends or all of your friends using the app. Friends show on the map as avatars, and the interactive map allows you to message them with a simple tap on their picture. If a bunch of your friends are in the same area, attending the same event, you can even start a group chat with all of them to see whether or not it’s worth your while to put some clothes on and head on over to join them.

Snaps on the map are available to be viewed for about 24 hours before disappearing and being replaced by new snaps. Special thumbnails on the map identify regular hot spots where more people are likely to snap, such as the Eifel Tower or Time Squares so you can quickly differentiate popular, regular attractions from special events.

This is a neat app that expands social media into the real world – find out what people are doing on your mobile device, and join them for face to face interaction.

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