The digital detox trend is going strong. I’ve already written about the Punkt MP01, a phone that only lets you call and text, and the new sensation Binky, the anti-social app that lets you like and share posts that will be seen by absolutely no one. Samsung won’t be left behind, but stands somewhat in the middle range of throw-backs. The South Korea company has launched a few days ago an Android flip phone that features a touch screen on the top panel and an old-fashioned keypad on the bottom half.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 presents as a surprisingly nostalgic phone while still allowing users to access social media. In fact, the keypad even has a social app button for quick access to your favorite social media apps. Unlike the larger smart phones we have become accustomed to, Samsung’s flip phone features a 3.8 inch display, and it only has 2GB of RAM. Other features include a choice of 15 ring tones, front and rear facing cameras, a built in pedometer and it comes equipped with Android 6.0. So while you’ll still have to press each button of the key pad repeatedly to get to the letter you want when texting, the smart flip-phone still packs much more functionality than, say, the Punkt MP01.

The new release is for now only available in South Korea where the Galaxy Folder 2 retails for KRW 297,000, which is about 260 American dollars. Samsung hasn’t said anything about the possibility of releasing its newest old fashioned smartphone in other areas, but it’s unlikely that it will make its way to Western markets, where the demand for flip phones is low to non-existent. Samsung’s claim that the Galaxy Folder 2’s ringtones “…focus on the audible spectrum of the middle aged people” makes us relatively sure that the target audience for the smart phone is older people who prefer a simple gadget that they can use with ease. It also makes us feel pretty old, to be honest.

Still, there is a market for the Galaxy Folder 2 and Samsung has recognized it and produced a simple, multi-functional phone that will undoubtedly find a measure of success – whether with older people who don’t like changing their ways, or younger ones that will find some appeal in a retro device that will set them apart from their generation’s crowd.

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