Pinterest launched its Lens feature this February, and the app has now given it its first update. Pinterest Lens allows users to identify clothing, food and décor by taking pictures of objects with their mobile device. But Lens is much more than an online catalogue. For example, if a user takes a picture of their favorite pair of pants, it will suggest similar pieces of clothing and even help the user pair the garment with a suitable shirt, jacket and shoes. It’ll suggest wearing styles and popular fashion based on the content of your closet. Very neat.

The update features improved camera function and general interface. The new version of Pinterest’s Lens can recognize more than double the items it could identify before today. And in addition to pairing shoes to skirts, it can now recommend whole outfits based on the snapshots you take of your own wardrobe. Present Lens with several top and bottom options and it will pair them up to help you look your best.

As far as the camera is concerned, Pinterest has added a zoom option for Lens users to take advantage of, making it easier to capture smaller or further away items. And they’ve added a handy ‘capture’ tap bottom at the bottom of the screen, making it easier than ever to take your shot. What may be the most convenient update to Lens is that you can now access you device’s camera roll directly from a button on the bottom right of the screen, which means you don’t have to go into your roll and back to Pinterest. One simple tap will let you select however many pictures from your camera roll you want to add to Lens. Fast and easy.

Finally, Pinterest has integrated its ‘Instant Ideas’ (which was already featured on the social media’s main page) to Lens. This feature lets you tap on a picture to be shown similar images. So if you, for example, see a dish you think you might enjoy, you can tap on it to see similar concoctions and maybe even a recipe.

Lens was a great feature to Pinterest when it was introduced four months ago, and it is made even better with this genial update. We’re looking forward to what other functionality will be added to it in the future, because let’s face it, it has great potential.

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