…but that’s not what makes it great. I mean props to HTC for its creativity on developing Edge Sense technology, but all it adds to their latest mobile device is a quirky function that doesn’t make much of a difference. This being said, the HTC U11 is a great phone with a head-turning look.

So let’s get this squeeze thing out of the way. Edge Sense allows you to configure your phone to launch apps and take pictures with a squeeze of your hand. It might come handy in that it allows you to take pictures and videos with one hand and without having to mess with a button on your screen. Other than that, it’s just a different way to access your stuff. Still, it’s a novel concept that may appeal to some.

What first catches the eye is the U11’s beautiful design. It features a 3D liquid glass surface is made of randomly layered “highly refractive precious minerals” that really looks like liquid when moved in the light. HTC states that it created the vibrant finish to impress, and they do not disappoint. The phone comes in five colors: Brilliant Black, Sapphire Blue, Amazing Silver, Ice White and Solar Red. The latter shifts from red to gold to orange to yellow and looks particularly amazing.

All isn’t in the look, however, and HTC saw to it that the phone’s inside matched its stunning outside. First, the U11 sound is far ahead of its competition. Forget tinny music and canny Skype conversations – you’ll be a satisfied customer even if you’re a hard core audiophile. The camera is also top of the line. It features extra fast auto-focus, allowing users to take clear pictures of moving subjects with no blur or distortion. And its 5 and a half inch display screen is in the right size range. So yeah, this phone has a lot going for it.

As far as price goes, it’s up there at $649, but like they say, you get what you pay for. In this case, it’s a great, reliable phone that also comes with a cover case, headphones, dust cloth and the usual chargers and adapters. If you’re looking for a phone that looks as good as it works, then the HTC U11 is a great pick.

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