Apple recently launched its new larger HomePod 2, according to a recent report, there is another Apple HomePod in the works with a built-in 7-inch display.

The news of this new HomePod with a built-in display comes from respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has revealed that the device will come in 2024. He writes in his Twitter posts:

Tianma is set to debut in Apple’s supply chain, becoming a new beneficiary of Apple’s revamped smart home strategy.

I predict that Apple will unveil a redesigned HomePod featuring a 7-inch panel in 1H24, with Tianma as the exclusive panel supplier.

The HomePod, which equips a panel, could enable tighter integration with Apple’s other hardware products, marking a significant shift in the company’s smart home strategy.

Tianma’s long-term prospects in Apple’s supply chain look promising. It’s poised to follow the growth path of BYD Electronics or BOE by starting with low-end products and gradually increasing its shipment allocation, and obtaining higher-end products through technology capacity upgrades. Tianma’s next orders from Apple may be iPad panels if the shipment goes well.

Ming-Chi Kuo

The upcoming Apple HomePod with a built-in display is speculated to be specifically designed for use with HomeKit devices, and could serve as a central hub for controlling various devices within your household. We will keep you all updated.

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