Most solar panels are black and have a simple design. However, Toyota has come up with a technology that allows for panels in different colors and patterns, which could liven up your roof or wherever you place the panels.

Toyota has developed colorful solar panels

The reason solar cells are traditionally black is the same reason it feels warmer to wear dark clothing than light clothing in the sun. Colors block light, and that’s why black is the most efficient color for a solar panel. But now Toyota has found a way to make efficient panels while adding some color. They have used color pigments from the automotive industry, which only reflect certain wavelengths of light, allowing much of the light to still reach the panel and generate power.

Toyota has developed colorful solar panels

The goal is to make the technology work for vehicles, so you could, for example, have solar panels around the car “hidden” under the paint. However, the challenge is still to develop panels that can follow the curves and shapes of a car.

Toyota has developed colorful solar panels

When we will see more of this technology remains to be seen.

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