Worrying about stuff falling out of your pockets, tugging on uncomfortable yoga pants, hair in your face – these are all small annoyances that can ruin a good workout.

Many people wear fitness trackers on their wrist, but not everyone wants to do that. Some people find that wearing something on their wrist is constricting and uncomfortable. Good thing we have more options to choose from.

Clip on fitness trackers are a choice alternative. Many clip on fitness trackers are advertised to clip onto a belt, but they work perfectly clipped on to your sports bra. Keep it close without wearing it on your arm.

Which ones work? Read our list of fitness trackers you can clip on to your sports bra, and get the one that best fits your workout routine. Here are 10 fitness trackers you can clip on to your sports bra!

1. Garmin vívofit Belt Clip

This Garmin vívofit Belt Clip sold by Dell can easily be clipped onto your sports bra. For only $24.99, clip this handy fitness tracker on and keep track of your health goals.

Make your workouts as easy as possible (plus, get Dell promo codes here and here).

2. Garmin vívofit 2 Belt Clip

Different than the first Garmin vívofit clip on fitness tracker yet still just as neat looking, the Garmin vívofit 2 Belt Clip offers a rounder shape with the same clippability. This one’s sold at Heart Rate Monitors USA, which usually offers a discount or two (like this 10% off code).

Clip this onto your sports bra and keep track of how idle you are, how your heart rate is doing, and your steps.

3. Fitbit Zip Charcoal

Weight Watchers sells this next clip on fitness tracker that you can easily slide onto your sports bra strap. Burn calories without the sweat that shows up under a wrist watch. The Fitbit Zip in Charcoal is a simple use tracker that lets you know how many steps you’ve achieved and how many calories burned.

And honestly, it’s kind of adorable! It’s “rainy, sweat, and splash proof” so you don’t have to worry about breaking a good sweat on that hike. Sync it to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

This one’s a bit pricey, but there are usually a few discount codes or coupons to find.

4. Fitbit One

Another Fitbit for the list, the Fitbit One is Fitbit’s newer clip on and it’s got it all. It comes in black or burgundy.

Wear it while you work out or throughout your day. See how many steps you’ve taken, how many floors you’ve climbed, and how far you’ve traveled.

Track everything you need and only charge it a few times a month. The battery life is up to 14 hours.

5. Jawbone UPmove

Jawbone makes straightforward fitness trackers for daily wear or exercising. The Jawbone UPmove clip on is great for clipping onto your sports bra strap.

Grab this inconspicuous tracker on Jet.com (they always offer promo codes here and here) and it’ll blend into any outfit.

6. Bellabeat Leaf Fitness Tracker

Now, here’s an interesting one. This could actually go with a nice outfit! The Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker looks like a lovely brooch, and you can find it at EBags (codes here and here).

This tracker is designed to look like jewelry, so you don’t have to feel like you’re wearing a military style fitness tracker. It helps you keep in touch with your body and overall well being. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep and manage stress.

The most intriguing part is that it helps you track your monthly cycles. It lets you know where you’re at in terms of ovulation, period, and contraception intake.

Clip this on to your sports bra, or any other outfit, and it’ll look amazing.

7. Pro My Sync Clip

Sold at Tanga (discounts here, here) the Pro My Sync Clip is one of the most simple fitness trackers you can clip on to your sports bra. It connects through Blluetooth to your smartphone, so you can keep close track of where you’re at in your health goals.

It holds a 14 day memory and tracks all the basics: sleep, calories, steps, active minutes, and more. It’s got a 30 day warranty, so try it out! For only $40, it’s everything you need.

8. Cel-Lab Fitness Tracker

The Cel-Lab Fitness Tracker is probably the most elemental on the list. It helps you monitor your exercise without any frills. Wear it discreetly on your hidden sports bra strap or anywhere else it can clip on.

You can clip it and forget about it as it counts calories and steps. It won’t connect to your phone, so if you don’t mind that, then it still works wonderfully as a basic fitness tracker.

9. Yoo Mini Fitness Tracker

The Yoo Mini Fitness Tracker is a cute little tracker from Walmart (look here for Walmart promo codes, or here) that wants to be your new workout pal.

Clip it on to your sports bra and it’ll go anywhere you go. It’s the size of a quarter, so it’ll stay out of the way when you’re running up hills or doing laps.

One of the coolest parts of this tracker is its special LED light activation technology. Wave your tracker in the air and it’ll turn the screen on for you to check your stats.

It runs on a replaceable Lithium battery and is water-resistant.

10. Striiv Fitness Tracker Clip On

Get a small, pebble shaped fitness tracker that you can clip on easily. It’s called the Striiv Play Smart Pedometer, and it’s sold on Rakuten (for which there are plenty of promo codes, and other deals).

It has a 60 day memory and gives a sleek look to your workout attire or casual outfit. Track steps, distance, and all your mild to difficult fitness endeavours.


Forget wearing it on your wrist, clip it on to your sports bra! Hide it discreetly, wear it out in the open, or make it look like jewelry. Whatever your fitness needs are, reach your goals in the most comfortable way you can.

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