The Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is the third generation of the popular wearable sleep and fitness tracker, the Oura Ring. Unlike other fitness trackers that are worn on wrists, the Oura Ring is worn on your finger as a ring.

Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon


  • Long battery life
  • Durable design
  • Thorough sleep tracking
  • Sleek design


  • Fitting process is tedious
  • Expensive

The Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is the latest release from Oura, featuring a sleek design and advanced technology that sets it apart from all of the previous generations. This article will break down the cool and helpful features that this ring may have so that you can better decide whether or not this may be the best sleeptracker for you and be able to meet all of your needs.

MaterialDurable titanium, PVD Coating and non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner moulding
Weight4-6 grams (Depending on ring size)
Battery lifeUp to 7 days
Charging time20 to 80 minutes
SensorsOptical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, Infrared PPG sensors, Skin temperature sensors, Photodiodes and 3D Accelerometer. 
Water resistantYes, up to 100m/328 ft

Sleep Tracking

When it comes to sleep tracking, the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon offers some of the most advanced features on the market. Not only does it track sleep duration and patterns, but it also tracks sleep stages, including deep, REM, and light sleep. This information can help you determine the quality of your sleep and identify any potential issues that may be hindering your ability to get a good night’s rest. After you’ve had your sleep you’ll be able to also see information such as your total laying down time, resting heart rate overnight and sleep efficiency percent. Then with all of these things being tracked it will be able to give your sleep a score. 

Body Temperature Tracker

Body Temperature Tracker

One of the new features of the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is the ability to track your body temperature. This is done through a built-in thermometer that’s included in the ring. By tracking your body temperature, the Oura Ring can help you identify trends in your body’s temperature that may be affecting your sleep quality. For example, if your body temperature is consistently higher than normal, it may indicate that you’re experiencing inflammation or infection. By identifying these trends, you can take steps to address the underlying issues and improve your overall health.

Activity Tracker

Another new feature of the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is the activity tracker, although it definitely isn’t the most impressive fitness tracker. The ring can track your daily activity, including steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled but you will have to do all of this from your phone as this product obviously doesn’t have a screen. This information can be used to set goals and track your progress over time. The Oura Ring also includes a sedentary alert that reminds you to get up and move around if you’ve been sitting for too long. This is important for those who work at a desk all day and may not be getting enough physical activity.



The Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon also includes a feature called Readiness, which is designed to help you optimise your workouts. The Readiness feature takes into account various metrics, such as sleep quality, body temperature, and heart rate variability, to determine how ready your body is for physical activity. This information can help you determine the best type of workout for your body on any given day as well as when the best time is to start working out. For example, if your body shows signs of fatigue, you may want to opt for a lighter workout rather than pushing yourself too hard.

The Improved Battery Life

One of the most significant advantages of the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is its battery life. The ring can last up to seven days on a single charge, which is impressive compared to other fitness trackers that may need to be charged daily. The ring also charges quickly, taking only 20-80 minutes to fully charge.


The Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon also boasts a sleek design that’s both stylish and functional. The ring is available in three colours – silver, black, and rose gold – and can be worn on any finger. Unlike other fitness trackers, the Oura Ring is also incredibly lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear all day and night.


One potential drawback of the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is its price. The ring is priced at $349, which is more expensive than many other fitness trackers on the market. However, the features and advanced technology included in the ring make it a worthwhile investment for those who are serious about tracking their sleep and activity.

Final Words

the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon

Overall, the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is an impressive piece of technology that’s packed with advanced features and innovative technology. Its ability to track sleep stages, body temperature, and daily activity make it one of the most comprehensive fitness trackers on the market. If you’re looking for a wearable device that can help you improve your sleep and optimise your workouts, the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is definitely worth considering.

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