Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Brave have all released critical security updates for their browsers. The updates address a vulnerability that an attacker could exploit to gain access to or execute malicious code on your computer, and the companies say that the vulnerability has been actively exploited in the wild.

update your browser

The vulnerability is related to the code used to render WebP images, which are often used on the web. Apple also released a security update this week for what appears to be the same issue. The security update is included in these versions:

Google: Chrome version 116.0.5846.187 (Mac / Linux); Chrome version 116.0.5845.187/.188 (Windows)
Mozilla: Firefox 117.0.1; Firefox ESR 102.15.1; Firefox ESR 115.2.1; Thunderbird 102.15.1; Thunderbird 115.2.2
Microsoft: Edge version 116.0.1938.81
Brave: Brave Browser version 1.57.64

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