Xdefiant is a multiplayer FPS game where factions from various Ubisoft titles clash. It was previously called Tom Clancy’s Xdefiant, but Ubisoft decided to change it because the game would include factions not from the Tom Clancy universe. Nevertheless, some beta tests have been held, which have become both popular and well-received.


Now, the development is nearing completion, but after submitting the game for review to PlayStation and Xbox, it has been found that there is more work to be done to meet the console requirements than they had anticipated. Mark Rubin writes on Ubisoft’s website that they are working on a new version of the game to be submitted to Sony and Xbox within two weeks, and if it is approved, the game can be released in the second half of September.

However, it is likely that they will only receive conditional approval, requiring them to also release a day one patch, and if so, Xdefiant will not be able to be released until the first half of October.

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