Valorant is a very fun yet hard game to be good at. It involves a lot of training to become good at it, it won’t happen over a day or two. So this is a list of things that could help you improve over time and it is not what so ever in any specific order.


1.Play with your team

Now what do I mean by “play with your team”? I mean that you should do stuff together, for example try and peak angles together so that it will be easier to kill the other person if your teammate gets killed. Or you could wait for your teammates abilities to reveal enemies. So in short you should try and do stuff to try and help your team.

2. Don’t blame your team

When you play a game where you can’t do everything alone, you are bound to get bad teammates sometimes. So instead of focusing on what they are doing badly and getting angry over what they are doing. Try to focus on yourself and figure out what you can do that will make you better and help your team to maybe do better. There will always be stuff that you can improve on and situations that you will play bad in.

3. Learn all the characters

A good way and very underrated way to get better at the game is to learn and understand all of the characters in the game. I know that it might sound boring but understanding the in and outs of the game is really important to becoming a good player in any game.

4. Find your style

The characters have a lot of different things they can do. So finding the right style for you can be hard. But finding your favorite play style will be very beneficial to you. It is also a good way to really enjoy the game, by trying to find out what you like the most.

5. Don’t peak to much

In Valorant there are loads of different hiding spots and places someone can come from. So if you feel like you are dying a lot try to just show yourself to one angle at a time. Going out in the open peaking at all the angles at the same time will most of the time get you killed. So showing yourself to just one place at a time will make your survivability much better.


Hugo is a teenage gamer who writes mainly about gaming. He is also very interested in tech and specifically the evolution of AI and computer programming. Other interests include manga and music.

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