Valorant and CS:GO are very similar games but they have a lot of different features between them that might make you change your opinion about the games. Today we will be talking about which game you might like the most based on the game’s different features.

Valorant VS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The similarities

Valorant and CS:GO have a lot of similar things since they are based on the same type of game. They both are FPS and team based games. 

The objective in both games are the same and the concept of the games are the same since the attacker side is supposed to place a bomb on the designated area of the map; while the defender side is supposed to try and stop the attackers from placing the bomb. 

You can win on the defender side by killing all the attackers, or defusing the bomb that the attackers have placed. The attackers win by planting the bomb and defending the bomb until it explodes or they kill all of the defender team.

After each round you get money (how much money you get depends on how the round went, for example how many kills you got or if you won the round or not), with the money you got, you can buy armor and different types of guns.

You can in both games get skins to all the weapons tho in CS:GO the skins have a wide range of cost, for example there are skins that cost up to thousands of dollars but there are also skins that only cost cents and all in between. But in Valorant they all cost around $20 – $40.

Both games have a large amount of different maps and game modes that you can play and find what you like the most.

The games are both free to play, so it doesn’t cost anything to get the games and try them out.

Valorant and CS:GO

The differences

Even if they both are very similar, they both also have a lot of different stuff to them. 

Valorant has different characters that you can unlock and they all do different stuff and have different abilities. While in CS:GO the characters just look different but they don’t have any special features/abilities to them.  

The games have different styles to them, valorant is a way more vibrant and cartoon looking game while CS:GO is a more realistic game. In CS:GO the guns have real names and it looks like everything does in real life while in Valorant the guns, characters and the scenery look like they have been animated and drawn.

Both games have an anti Cheat but they aren’t both good. Valorant has a very good anti cheat that often detects cheaters within a few games so there are almost no cheaters in Valorant. But CS:GO has struggled a lot with cheaters since it is very easy to get hacks on the game and their anti-cheat isn’t that good. It can take up to months before you actually get banned for cheating. So the game has quite a few hackers rounding around killing everyone in the lobbies.


If you like a more realistic based game and a game that looks and feels a lot more realistic I would recommend trying out CS:GO.


But if you like a more cartoon-like style and non-realistic game with lots of cool abilities and characters to master in your own way, I would recommend trying out Valorant.


But of course you can try out both games to see which one fits you the best. This is just a way of getting you to know where to get started.

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