Starfield is certainly a hot topic, and in addition to the substantial glimpse we got a couple of weeks ago, Todd Howard from Bethesda has now appeared on the Kinda Funny Games show to talk about the game. Below, we have gathered some of the most important questions that were answered.

Todd Howard Answers YOUR Starfield Questions – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 143

Can you increase the text size in the game?

Howard confirms that you can increase the text size to make it easier to read on different screens and handheld devices. However, he does not comment on Steam Deck compatibility at this time.

Can you fish?

No, there won’t be any space fishing.

How many of the planets have life?

Around 10% of the 1000+ planets will have life.

Can there be different environments on the same planet?

Yes, there are planets that have only one type of environment, and there are planets with various different environments.

Are there ground vehicles or mounted creatures?

No, if you want to explore, you’ll have to rely on your own legs as well as your jetpack (or “boost pack”).

Can you upgrade stolen ships?

Yes, stolen ships are fully upgradable. However, if you acquire ships through shady means, you will have to register them if you want to upgrade them, and that will cost you.

Have they considered a performance mode (60 fps) on Xbox?

They never considered removing features (to improve frame rate) and have fully focused on creating a smooth, consistent experience.

Will side quests consist of “Go to X and kill Y” or be more involved?

There will be some generic, auto-generated quests when you land at various outposts, but there will also be handcrafted side quests that hopefully feel more rewarding. Todd mentions that as long as the gameplay is fun in the generic quests, they can also be entertaining.

Will we be able to build more ambitious outposts?

It seems so, but it will require a lot of resources and won’t be something you do at the beginning of the game, before you have developed your character. The outposts can also be connected to shuttles that transport goods.

Can the robot Vasco wear a hat?

No, but it will likely be one of the first things to be modded in.

Todd Howard Answers YOUR Starfield Questions

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