Each year, the release of a new Call of Duty instalment resets the playing field, prompting players to embark on the grind to ascend the ranks afresh. Embracing RPG elements, Modern Warfare 3 reintroduces the XP system, enabling players to earn XP with each match, progressively advancing their character.

Best Ways to Farm XP in Modern Warfare 3

Every rank achieved not only inches you closer to the prestige rank but also unveils new options for your chosen operator. The rank that you are is something completely different to your weapon levels, levelling up your player can prove time-consuming without efficient strategies. To expedite your rise through the ranks, here are the most effective methods to amass XP swiftly in Modern Warfare 3.

How Exactly Do You Earn XP

How Exactly Do You Earn XP

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the activity that you are doing is earning you XP or not because there’s basically not a single way that you can play the game and not earn any XP. However, there are definitely some modes and methods where you’ll be able to double the amount of XP that you earn, sometimes even more, than what you would do from just playing without any plan at all. 

Play The Objective

While team deathmatch and similar modes focused solely on getting kills are definitely extremely fun, if you’re aiming for rapid XP accumulation, opting for objective-based modes like Domination, Hardpoint, Ground War, or Kill Confirmed is key. In these modes, XP isn’t solely tied to eliminating foes; substantial XP bonuses are awarded for actively engaging in objectives, often constituting a significant portion of your total XP gain. This proves advantageous, particularly if your kill-to-death ratio isn’t optimal, as you still contribute meaningfully. Additionally, completing matches in objective modes grants an XP bonus, further boosting your overall progression.

Always Do Daily and Weapon Challenges

Always Do Daily and Weapon Challenges

In Modern Warfare 3, there’s a constant stream of small tasks to tackle. Daily challenges, typically achievable within a few matches, offer a generous 2,500 XP payout—a rewarding incentive to aim for while playing. While some challenges may be completed incidentally, many require specific weapon or equipment usage, prompting slight loadout modifications for a round or two to fulfil the criteria. Investing time in these challenges proves beneficial, enhancing your XP gains alongside your regular gameplay.

Weapon challenges are intricately linked to each specific firearm, offering not only appealing cosmetic enhancements like new skins but also substantial XP rewards. These challenges typically demand more skill compared to simpler daily tasks, often requiring objectives like achieving headshots or securing kills from specific distances with designated weapons. Despite their increased difficulty, completing these challenges yields a significant 10,000 XP, making them worthwhile endeavours, motivating players to explore and utilise guns they might otherwise overlook for the associated benefits.

Use Your Double XP Tokens

Use Your Double XP Tokens

Utilising a double XP token instantly doubles your XP acquisition rate for a specific duration. These tokens vary, offering double XP for regular progression, weapon XP, operator XP, or battle pass XP, and can be acquired through limited means. Occasional in-game events or specific challenges offer these tokens, while designated double XP weekends automatically increase XP gains. Some promotional products sold in stores also include codes for these tokens, although relying on this method isn’t typically recommended. Staying informed about double XP events is crucial; maximising gameplay during these periods ensures optimal XP accumulation.

Final Words

So, there you have some of the best ways that you can farm XP and rank up in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, but most importantly, always remember to have fun as well.

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