The VR landscape has become a thriving realm for gamers seeking complete immersion in their gaming escapades. Among the array of available headsets like Sony’s PSVR2 and Oculus, the Meta Quest 3 stands as the latest and most advanced offering.

The Best Games on Meta Quest 3

An upgraded iteration of the impressive Quest 2, it not only features enhanced hardware but also introduces novel features aimed at elevating the immersive gaming experience. Given its recent release, if you’ve acquired one and are seeking top-notch games to explore its capabilities, we’ve curated a list of the finest games to plunge into.

Top 5 Games

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
PlatformsPS5, Meta Quest, PS4, Pico 4, Microsoft Windows, Mac 
GenreRPC, Simulator, Strategy
DeveloperSkydance Interactive
PublisherSkydance Interactive
Release23rd January, 2020

“The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” has been a long-standing title, and while a sequel is in development, the original game stands as a testament to VR’s immersive capabilities. It distinguished itself as an early entrant offering an engaging zombie survival experience without relying on prior knowledge of the series. Players engage in lifelike combat, using physical movements for every action, whether it’s dispatching zombies or crafting upgrades. Notably, the game has received updates to enhance visuals and performance specifically tailored for the Quest 3 headset.

Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Meta Quest, PS VR2
GenreShooter, Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
DeveloperVertical Robot
PublisherVertical Robot
Release18th August, 2022

In an otherworldly setting amidst a space-bound dystopian cold war, Red Matter 2 offers a blend of puzzles and first-person shooting. Taking on the role of Sasha, your primary objective is to unveil the concealed truths behind the enigmatic Red Matter. Equipped with a jetpack for expansive traversal, you navigate a sprawling open area while tackling a variety of puzzles. The game intricately weaves together diverse puzzle types, immersive combat sequences, and exploration, delivering a narrative woven with themes of reality, destiny, and morality that captivate players throughout the journey.

Tetris Effect:Connected

Tetris Effect:Connected
PlatformsPS5, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, Xbox Series X/S, Meta Quest
GenreMusic, Puzzle, Indie, Arcade
DeveloperMonstars, Resonair
Release14th May 2020

Prepare for a new level of Tetris. Tetris Effect: Connected in VR transforms the classic block-dropping game into an emotional journey you wouldn’t expect. While the core gameplay remains familiar, the VR immersion elevates this edition to an unparalleled sensory experience. The combination of music, effects, and vivid visuals in VR sets an entirely new standard for gameplay. Moreover, the inclusion of multiplayer modes alongside the captivating single-player offerings makes this rendition the definitive way to experience Tetris.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber
PlatformsPS5, PS4, Pico 4, Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest
GenreMusic, Sport, Indie
DeveloperHyperbolic Magnetism
PublisherHyperbolic Magnetism
Release21st May 2019

Indeed, it’s hard to overlook the enduring appeal of Beat Saber. It’s almost as universally enjoyable as classics like Wii Sports. With simple mechanics—just swing your arms—and an addictive gameplay loop, slicing blocks in rhythm to your favourite tunes immerses you in an unparalleled flow of lights and sounds. However, it might be best not to dwell on how entertaining it looks from outside the headset!

Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR
PlatformsSteamVR, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2
GenreShooter, Indie
DeveloperVankrupt Games
PublisherVankrupt Games
Release27th February, 2017

For the avid FPS player, VR titles often present limited options, but the Quest 3 offers a remedy: Pavlov VR. It’s a multiplayer-centric game akin to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but reimagined for VR. Matches are intense, strategic, and unforgiving—mistakes can cost you dearly. With a diverse array of game modes, a wide arsenal of weapons, and extensive mod support for maps and modes, Pavlov VR promises an abundance of content for enthusiastic players.

Final Words

Games on Meta Quest 3

In the ever-expanding world of VR gaming, the Meta Quest 3 stands at the forefront, offering an enhanced immersive experience. The highlighted games—ranging from survival horror in ‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ to the captivating rhythm gameplay of ‘Beat Saber’—showcase the diverse range of experiences available on this platform. ‘Red Matter 2’ combines puzzles and shooting in a space-centric narrative, while ‘Tetris Effect: Connected’ elevates a classic game into an emotional journey. ‘Pavlov VR’ brings intense FPS action, adding variety to the Quest 3’s library. Each game capitalises on the headset’s capabilities, delivering unique and engaging experiences, catering to different gaming preferences and ensuring an exciting venture into the world of virtual reality.

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