Have you ever looked at The Sims 4 and thought, “You know what is missing here? A job where you work from home.”

Neither have we, but the devs behind The Sims 4 did and, in a nod to the changing conditions of the modern worker, have added a work-from-home freelance option in its latest update.

This is kind of a big deal in a way. Ever since The Sims debuted, your miserable little Sim would have to leave the house to disappear into some abyss to make money and him or herself.

Of course, subsequent games and updates tried to make this more interesting and they largely succeeded.

But most of them involved your Sim leaving the house during the day.

No more: Now your Sim can live the heremetic, monkish life of a freelancer and never have to leave their home again.

You’ve got three career options available before you: Writer, artist, or programmer.

Like freelancers do now, you will have to trawl an online agency to get work.

You’ll be allowed to select tasks and, upon completing them, earn money.

But, just like in the real world, your clients can request revisions and this can cause a delay in your money payout.

It’s miserable like any other job, just in new ways.

Mechanically, the freelancer job is similar to the acting gig offered in previous updates.

This update is the latest in a string of updates that are meant to reflect the modern economy that many of us live in now.

Your Sims can livestream and even become “style influencers.”

As with any of the professions on offer in the game, the freelancer job has its pluses and minuses. In terms of simulation, however, it is a timely and sensible addition to the list of career paths available to your Sim.

All of this comes ahead of a major update teased by Maxis that is scheduled for deployment later this year. As anyone who has played The Sims knows, downloadable content and perpetual updates are the lifeblood of the series.

There’s no sign of that slowing down any time soon.

Maxis hasn’t really delved into what exactly the next big update for The Sims 4 will be but they have promised that it will be big.

While that’s not a lot to go on, that’s all we have at the moment, but it is more than enough to keep our hopes high.

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