The initial moments of Spider-Man 2 unveil a grand technical spectacle, thrusting players into an unforgettable encounter with the notorious Sandman, or Flint Marko. While Peter and Miles manage to thwart his chaotic debut in the opening hours of the game, Sandman’s presence lingers, casting a substantial shadow over the city’s landscape and the broader game narrative.

Location of All Marko’s Memories in Spider-Man 2

Even after his incarceration on The Raft, Sandman has left behind enigmatic crystals, which, interestingly, aren’t just mere collectibles – they stir up further trouble across the bustling cityscape. These crystals give rise to a series of side activities known as “Marko’s Memories,” offering players an enticing avenue to delve into a narrative that explores the complexities of the troubled Sandman and his connection to someone dear to him.

Although the participation in Marko’s Memories is optional, it’s well worth embarking on this narrative journey. Not only does it provide an opportunity for exploration and character development, but it also presents additional rewards, such as City Tokens, which can significantly aid your progression in the game. Furthermore, if you aim to fully complete Spider-Man 2, you’ll find that completing all of these activities is a necessary endeavour.

Now, let’s delve into where and how you can discover Marko’s Memories within the vast expanse of Spider-Man 2’s New York. Scattered across the various boroughs, there are 14 crystals in total. However, akin to other collectibles like Prowler Stashes, some of these memories won’t become accessible until you’ve made sufficient progress in the main storyline. Intriguingly, the 14th and final memory remains locked until you’ve successfully collected the others, leading to a climactic quest conclusion.

Where Do You Find Marko’s Memories

Where Do You Find Marko’s Memories

You can identify these crystals on your map as they appear as distinctive orange markers, but you may also notice them due to the telltale sand swirls surrounding the area. Upon approaching a memory crystal, you’ll need to confront several waves of sand-based adversaries before you can acquire the crystal. Subsequently, you’ll crack it open to reveal the memory contained within. Each borough holds a varying number of these crystals, as follows:

  • Financial District – 4
  • Downtown Brooklyn – 1
  • Williamsburg – 1
  • Chinatown – 2
  • Greenwich – 1
  • Midtown – 2
  • Central Park – 1
  • Little Odessa – 1

Upon collecting the first 13 crystals and engaging in a conversation with Sandman over the phone, you’ll receive directions to the final memory’s location. This time, you’ll be transported to a new zone where your objective is to follow a guiding light to reach the colossal final crystal. In this challenging phase, you’ll utilise your web-swinging abilities to hurl large rocks at the crystal, all while contending with an unending horde of Sandman’s minions. Smartly deploy your gadgets and powers, using the rocks as cover to protect against ranged attacks as you progressively break open the crystal.

Following the acquisition of the ultimate memory, without giving away any spoilers, Marko will entrust you with one final task involving the now complete crystal you’ve gathered. A waypoint will guide you to a location far north in Queens, where you can trigger the conclusive cutscene and bring closure to this sidequest. While this endeavour may not yield any unique suit rewards, unlike The Flame or Mysteriums, it does grant a substantial amount of XP and contributes significantly to your quest for 100% game completion. So, as you embark on the journey through Spider-Man 2, don’t overlook the compelling narrative and rewarding experiences tucked away in Marko’s Memories.

Final Words

Marko’s Memories in Spider-Man 2

In the world of Spider-Man 2, Marko’s Memories are more than mere collectibles; they weave a compelling narrative that explores Flint Marko’s troubled past and emotional connections. Offering City Tokens, a substantial XP boost, and a path to 100% completion, these side activities provide an enticing proposition for players. So, keep an eye out for those orange crystals as you swing through New York’s boroughs and discover the captivating stories they unveil. Marko’s Memories not only deepen the gameplay but also reflect Insomniac Games’ attention to detail in this epic Spider-Man adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned web-slinger or a newcomer, don’t miss the opportunity to explore these hidden gems and enrich your Spider-Man 2 experience.

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