When Insomniac told the spider man fans that they were gonna up the difficulty with the second game they weren’t joking. When you’re playing the Spider-Man 2 game you’ll feel that actually taking time out in order to collect stuff might seem extremely boring but the actual payoff is well worth this wait, especially when it comes to the Mysterio quest. 

How to Beat Mysterio in Spider-Man 2

So, in this article, you’ll find out what exactly is going on in the ‘Grand Finale’ quest, which will then lead to the dramatic confrontation with Mysterio, and then of course you’ll also get information on how to beat him. 

How To Get to Battle Mysterio

How To Get to Battle Mysterio

Before you’re actually even able to go and battle Mysterio and experience the absolute rollercoaster of emotions during the crazy climactic cutscenes, you’ll have to unlock the ‘Grand Finale’ mission. This will also not just be handed to you though, you’ll have to unlock it as well and to do so you’ll need to first locate every single Mysterium collectible, which have been hidden all throughout New York City. This side quest is part of Miles Morales’.  

When you get to each of these locations you’ll need to defeat a group of enemies whilst adhering to certain restrictions. Then once you’ve managed to successfully get through all of these battles the ‘Grand Finale’ will finally be available to you.  

How to Defeat Mysterio

How to Defeat Mysterio

When it comes to the actual fight with Mysterio you’ll notice that he has two various things going on in this battle, the first being waves of enemies and then the second being the power of illusion. 

Phase One: Miles fights Mysterio

When you begin your battle with Mysterio you’ll be pitted to fight against Mysterio directly. Here you will want to get into whatever skills suit is your favourite because by the time you’ve actually made it this far in the game you probably already have some of your best ones figured out already. In this beginning phase you’ll notice that Mysterio doesn’t really go all in and keeps more to the sidelines and fights with you at long-range. So, to deal as much effective damage to him as you can you’ll want to try and close this gap in order to get some good combos in on him. It definitely isn’t extremely challenging to actually get close to him but you will need to be pretty experienced when it comes to making use of the buildings around you as you’ll need to scale them quite a few times during the course of this battle. 

Phase Two: Miles fights Thugs

At the point in this battle where you’ll hear Beck tell Miles “you’re mine for eternity”, you’ll witness a handful of thugs spawn all over the stage after just a few seconds. You still have to be careful when you’re fighting these thugs as they do hit somewhat hard. Here you can just use the vehicles around you as objects to catapult in their direction to try and get rid of them in pairs and then use your combos whenever and wherever you can. After a while of fighting these thugs you’ll notice that if there are two or three of them close together, they’ll often attack in tandem, which as a result will make it harder for you to dodge or parry everything that is thrown at you. 

Phase Three: Platforming

Once you’ve managed to get rid of these annoying thugs, you’ll need to zigzag through the platform-like towers, using your webs to try and chase down Mysterio. If you are pretty good at platforming as Miles and you reach Mysterio a little bit earlier than intended then the dialogue will be cut a little bit, however you won’t miss anything that is extremely important. 

Phase Four: Final Miles Versus Mysterio Battle

When you’ve caught up to Mysterio, he’ll release green smoke at the start of your final battle with him. Here you don’t want to be too eager and jump straight into it, instead wait for it to fade or dispel it by throwing a car through it. During this final battle with him you’ll experience him shooting an occasional green beam, which will definitely hurt if it lands on you. Here it’ll be a good tactic to try and be as close to him as possible so that you are able to keep getting consistent strikes and combos in, but when the smoke begins to reform again you’ll want to retreat a little and keep your distance. 

Once you’ve fought him for a while and have managed to completely deplete his health, Beck will then send Miles through an infinite corridor. This is just a loop, so don’t try to run ahead and get out of it faster. Once you’ve listened to the dialogue here you’ll then be able to turn around and exit this corridor, where you’ll then find that you’re back in Mysterio’s freaky stage. Here you’ll be greeted with numerous copies of him, but don’t let this scare you because they will all take damage equally, which just means that you’ll be able to finish off his health bar at an even faster rate. Here it would be a good idea to have a little more focus on your defence because there are so many of them, but when you see a window, just pick one and pile on as much damage as you possibly can. 

Now finally, once you’ve managed to deplete his HP again, Mysterious will then launch one final attack where he will turn the nearby ferris wheel into a launchpad for several of his deadly green beams. Here all you will need to do is try and evade them on your way to the wheel and the fight will conclude automatically at which point you’ll finally be done with it. 

Final Words

Beat Mysterio in Spider-Man 2

In conclusion, as you dive into the captivating world of Spider-Man 2 and prepare to face off against the enigmatic Mysterio, be prepared for an adventure filled with challenges and excitement. Hopefully now you’ve managed to get a little bit more insight on how to take on Mysterio so that it is a little bit easier for you. So, gear up, swing into action, and savour the moments that make Spider-Man 2 an unforgettable gaming adventure.

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