Already on June 7, one day after the official release, Blizzard stated that Diablo IV is their fastest-selling game ever. Now, there’s more boasting. In just five days, the game earned over 666 million dollars (freely translated: not as cool to say 667 million dollars?). The count is from June 6 to June 10, but it’s important to note that the soft launch already took place on June 2.

Diablo IV

The claim of being the fastest-selling refers to both the number of units sold and the revenue generated (thanks, VGC).

Blizzard has also tweeted other more or less necessary information. Players have accumulated 276 million hours of gameplay, killed 2.73 billion monsters, the Butcher has slain us 5.8 million times, and 163 hardcore players have reached level 100. The numbers are not brand new, so they have naturally increased.

Blizzard also confirms that the sorcerer is the most popular class. Don’t miss the big Diablo IV thread!

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