Soon it’s time for the premiere of Disney’s Star Wars initiative for children, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures.

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

Ahead of the premiere on Disney+, Disney has released some short films where we get to familiarize ourselves with the characters that will appear in the upcoming Star Wars series.

Meet the Young Jedi | Young Jedi Adventures | Short 1 | @disneyjunior x @StarWarsKids

The short films are about three minutes long each. Above is an introduction to the characters in the series, and below are the two short films Lys’ Creature Caper and Kai’s Daring Droid Rescue. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures will premiere on Disney+ on Star Wars Day, May 4th.

Lys’ Creature Caper | Young Jedi Adventures | Short 2 | @disneyjunior x @StarWarsKids
Kai’s Daring Droid Rescue | Young Jedi Adventures | Short 3 | @disneyjunior x @StarWarsKids

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