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Cloud service for retro games is coming to Xbox

Now, the cloud service Antstream Arcade has become available for Xbox players who want to play retro games through the cloud for a monthly fee. Antstream Arcade offers approximately 1300 retro games and bills itself as the “World’s largest retro gaming platform.” Among the titles are classic games like Space Invaders, Metal Slug, and Bubble […]

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Microsoft has launched the ID@Xbox Demo Fest

If you enjoy trying out games before buying them through various demos, Microsoft has now kicked off this year’s ID@Xbox Demo Fest. This event offers Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S owners the opportunity to try out 47 different game demos until July 17th. Here you can find games like Lies of P, Alisa, Demonschool, […]

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Soon you can build Wolverine’s claws in Lego

Lego’s collaboration with Marvel continues, and soon a building set will be released that allows you to assemble the so-called adamantium claws, the retractable claws that Wolverine from X-Men usually brings out when it’s time to fight. Wolverine’s adamantium claw is built with 596 Lego pieces and, when fully constructed, including the pedestal it stands […]

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Stream Deck gets its own app store

Elgato, the company, has announced that they will launch an app store for apps and plugins for Stream Deck, Elgato’s small extra keyboard used to control streaming and other functions through hotkeys. Elgato already has a section on their website showcasing apps and plugins available for Stream Deck (see image below). However, that page only […]

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Nothing releases Ear (2) in black

Nothing’s Ear 1 and Ear 2 headphones have been seen on people relatively often. The latest model, Ear (2), has so far only been available in white, but now Nothing is releasing a new black model. At the same time, Nothing has taken the opportunity to update its app with a new “advanced” equalizer, featuring […]

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Synapse for PlayStation VR2 is great stuff

Yesterday, the VR game Synapse, developed by nDreams, was released for PlayStation VR2. In the game, you play as a special agent who must infiltrate the mind of a supervillain and stop his plans for a terrorist attack. It’s all a bit trippy but serves as a good excuse for the game’s aesthetic style and […]

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Director Roland Emmerich presents Space Nation Online

Roland Emmerich, the director behind films such as Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, and Moonfall, is launching something called Space Nation Online. Space Nation Online appears to primarily be an MMO game that will incorporate various NFT elements that players can purchase. In addition to that, there are also plans for TV […]

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Kingdom Eighties offers a delightful, pixelated 80s experience

The Kingdom series from Fury Studios (owned by Swedish company Raw Fury) is known for its beautiful side-scrolling adventure and micro-strategy games, primarily set in fantasy and medieval-inspired environments. However, the latest standalone expansion, Kingdom Eighties, takes place during the vibrant 80s. The loyal steed has been replaced with the obligatory BMX bike, while harps […]

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Insta360 Go 3 seems to be quite fantastic

The category of action cameras hasn’t been interesting since, like, the GoPro 4 or something, and in recent years, it’s been quite dull. Sure, the cameras have slowly gotten better and better, but the desire to buy a new one has been low. However, now Insta360 is releasing its Go 3, and for the first […]

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Midjourney gets a zoom-out function

The company behind the text-to-image AI, Midjourney, has released a new version of its AI equipped with a zoom-out function, where the AI fills in elements in the image that are assumed to be present when zoomed out from the original image. We have previously seen a similar function in Adobe’s AI Firefly, which is […]

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New Steam released in stable version

In April, Valve unveiled a new version of Steam with a redesigned interface, and now the update is rolling out in stable version after being in beta for a month. In the video below, you can take a look at the new features, which include cloud saves, an improved web browser, screenshot manager, and message […]

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Mori3 is a modular robot composed of polygons

Robot researchers at the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have showcased a new modular robot that they believe could be useful in the space industry in the future. The robot is called Mori3 and consists of triangular modules that can be connected to form various polygonal structures, as seen in the image above. […]

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OpenAI releases new functionality for its GPT models

OpenAI has introduced some new features to its language models (LLMs), GPT-4, and gpt-3.5-turbo, which may be interesting for developers who utilize them in their applications or other projects. The updates primarily involve enhancements to the API that developers use to communicate with OpenAI’s GPT models. One of the news is that function calls are […]

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Mark Zuckerberg comments on Apple’s Vision Pro

The other day, Apple unveiled its AR/VR headset, Vision Pro, and now Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has shared his thoughts on it. In a meeting with Meta employees, Zuckerberg expressed his initial impressions of Apple’s Vision Pro, an AR/VR headset that may eventually compete with Meta’s VR headset, Meta Quest. Zuckerberg stated that from a […]

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The screens in Apple Vision Pro run at 90 Hz

We already know that Apple’s Vision Pro will feature dual microOLED screens with a total of 23 million pixels, but so far we haven’t heard anything about the screens’ refresh rate – until now. During the session “Optimize app power and performance for spatial reality,” we learn that the screens will primarily refresh at 90 […]

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iRobot showcases T.R.E.A.T.

iRobot, the company that manufactures robot vacuums under the Roomba brand, has developed a new accessory for its vacuums that can deliver dog treats to the household pets. The accessory is called the Tasty Reward Emission Apparatus Thingy (T.R.E.A.T.), and it replaces the container typically used to collect the dust that the vacuum picks up. […]