Soon you can face spring with sound from Sonus Faber in the garden. They have built a waterproof outdoor speaker that can be left outside all year round. The speaker is called Aster, a name they have taken from the Latin Per aspera ad astra, simply translated as; through difficulties to the stars.

Sonus Faber Aster

The narrow two-way speaker has IP65 certification and is available in black or white, and is therefore suited for placement in an outdoor room. Whether it’s on the balcony, at the terrace, or on public places where a robust speaker is required.

Sonus Faber Aster outdoor speaker

The speaker is 29.3 cm wide and is supposed to be easy to install. A wall mount is attached to the wall with a screw, and then the speaker is placed in the bayonet mount by twisting. Done.

Sonus Faber Aster

They are not wireless and must be connected to an amplifier with cables before sound is obtained. Aster has two bass radiators, one on each side, with mid-range and tweeter in the center.

sonus faber aster weather proof

Sonus Faber states the sensitivity at 88 dB, the speaker is 8 Ohm, and can handle 100 watt power. Aster reaches over 61 Hz to 22 kHz (-6 dB) and has an estimated price of 460 euros each.


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