One would think that with users, developers would come. And users do have Apple Watches; it’s estimated that around 200 million watches have been sold since its launch. However, the number of apps is still few and, oddly enough, becoming fewer. When the first watch was released, you could order an Uber and browse Instagram posts on your wrist. This was despite the watch being super slow and needing assistance from the phone just to run the apps.

Messenger will soon disappear from the Apple Watch

Since then, the number of users has exploded, but the number of apps has imploded. Another one is soon disappearing as Facebook ceases support for the platform. Of course, you will still receive notifications, but reading messages or threads, as well as the ability to compose new messages or reply to received ones, will vanish.

It’s really disappointing but perhaps not so surprising. What is it that prevents Apple from getting companies to support the platform? Maybe it’s as simple as people not using the apps on the watch at all, instead choosing to use the apps on their phones.

Charles Bell, 26, based in Dyer, Indiana, is a student at Purdue University Calumet where he has received multiple academic honors. He is currently studying Information Systems and Computer Programming...

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