At some point, you may want to change the wallpaper on your iPhone to give it a fresh and personalized look. Changing your iPhone wallpaper with iOS 16 and newer is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps. In this article, we will guide you on how to change the wallpaper on your iPhone and give you some useful tips to customize your iPhones look.

Choose a Wallpaper

The first step to changing your iPhone wallpaper is to select a new one. You can choose from the pre-installed wallpapers that come with your iPhone or select an image from your photo library. You can also download new wallpapers from the internet. A little tip: when choosing a wallpaper, consider the colors and the overall theme of the image to ensure it complements your device.

Choose wallpaper on iPhone
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Access the Wallpaper Settings

Once you have selected a wallpaper, go to your iPhone’s Settings app and tap “Wallpaper.” From here, select “Choose a New Wallpaper.” You can also access the wallpaper settings by long-pressing on the home screen, tapping “Customise,” and hitting the “+” icon.

Select the Wallpaper Location

Next, choose where you want to apply the wallpaper. You can choose between the lock screen, home screen, or both. Once you have made your selection, tap the wallpaper image you want to use.

Add New Wallpaper on iPhone
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Adjust the Wallpaper

After selecting your wallpaper, you can adjust it to fit your screen. You can choose to zoom in or out, or move the image to adjust its placement. You can also set the lighting of the picture you have chosen by swiping right. There are 5 different lighting options to choose from. Once you have made your adjustments, tap “Set” to apply the wallpaper.

Set lighting effect on Wallpaper on iPhone
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Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone is an easy and straightforward process that can give your device a fresh and personalized look. By following these simple steps above, you can change your iPhone wallpaper in just a few minutes. Best of luck!


Can I use my own image as a wallpaper on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use any image from your photo library as your iPhone wallpaper.

Can I change the wallpaper on my iPhone automatically?

Yes, you can set your iPhone to change wallpapers automatically by selecting the “Dynamic” or “Live” wallpaper options in the Wallpaper settings.

Can I download new wallpapers for my iPhone from the internet?

Yes, you can download new wallpapers from the internet and save them to your photo library to use as your iPhone wallpaper.

Will changing my iPhone wallpaper affect my battery life?

Changing your iPhone wallpaper will not have any impact on your device’s battery life.

Can I use a different wallpaper for my lock screen and home screen?

Yes, you can select different wallpapers for your lock screen and home screen or use the same wallpaper for both.

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