If we believe the rumours then Apple could release their first totally new product in many years this year. For several years Apple has been working on a AR/VR-headset. And now some details have been leaked according to the trustworthy leak-source Mark Gurman.

Gurman says that Apples headset will have a interface much like iOS with a lot of features from the iPad and the iPhone. The unit will also work as a external monitor to Mac. The home screen will get a grid layout with apps and widgets much like what it looks like on iOS and iPadOS.

One of the key selling points of the headset is that the cameras will be able to track the users eyes and hands. This should mean that no physical control will be needed. You should be able to choose objects on the screen with your eyes and other interactions will then be done with your hands.

Users will also be able to switch between AR and VR by turning a knob, much like the “Digital Crown” on Apple Watch. The device will use cameras on the outside to show the surroundings for the user. Another feature will be video calls where you just can’t talk to people but the users body will be rendered in VR. One big difference with other earlier products should be that the users actual face and body will be rendered. This means no weird animated, meta verse, avatars.

To run the device there will be a external battery the size of two iPhone 14 Pro Max and should run almost 2 hours. The battery should be interchangeable very quickly so the user can charge battery A while using battery B.

Other features the device is rumoured to include is a 4K microOLED screen, several cameras, iristracking, facialexpressiondetection and more.

The device should be released sometime in 2023, even as early as this spring.

The price should be around $3000.

Are you willing to pay $3000 for a AR/VR headset? Are AR/VR headsets the next big thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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