Apple is now rolling out its latest update for the iPhone – iOS 16.4. In the update, we find features such as voice isolation for regular calls, new emojis, notifications for web apps on the home screen, options in settings to get beta updates, scrolling animation in Books, and improvements for the Podcasts app.

iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 is now available for iPhones that support iOS 16. It is also available for the iPad in the form of iPadOS 16.4.

iOS 16.4 Features – Everything New!

This is how Apple describes the update:

This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • 21 new emojis with animals, hand gestures, and objects are now available on the emoji keyboard.
  • Notifications for web apps have been added to the home screen.
  • Voice isolation for mobile calls highlights your voice and blocks out sound from the surroundings.
  • The duplicate album in Photos can now detect duplicate photos and videos in a shared iCloud library.
  • VoiceOver support for maps in the Weather app.
  • An accessibility setting that automatically dims video when flashing lights or strobe effects are detected.
  • Communication safety for children allows parents to activate alerts for children when they receive or send images containing nudity.
  • Fixes an issue with Be to Buy requests from children that may not appear on the parent’s device.
  • Fixes issues that caused Matter-compatible thermostats to stop responding after being paired with Home.
  • Accident detection has been optimized for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.
iOS 16.4 emojis
iOS 16.4
iOS 16.4
iOS 16.4

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