The popular image-to-text AI, Midjourney, will no longer offer users the ability to generate AI-powered images for free, according to the company’s founder and CEO David Holz.

Midjourney Trump images

The reason for Midjourney’s decision to end its free version is reportedly due to the company’s belief that their AI has been misused. Holz wrote on Discord:

Due to a combination of extraordinary demand and trial abuse we are temporarily disabling free trials until we have our next improvements to the system deployed.

Midjourney recently released the fifth version of its text-to-image AI, which has made it possible to create very realistic images. The AI has been used, among other things, to create images that look like photographs of former US President Donald Trump being arrested and imprisoned, as well as images of the pope being pimped out.

pope ai pimped

Those who still want to use Midjourney must now subscribe to the service, with the cheapest option being $10 per month.

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